New Idea. Teleporters to place cargo into peoples holds. Example corpses!

We should be able to send things into peoples cargo holds.
An example would be to beam a corpse into someones hold sneakily so they did not notice and hope some Autothysian Lancers spawn to take them out.
This would make corpses become very valuable. The risk of collecting them would need to be amped a bit. I am sure a ship or two could be designated as safe to carry corpses and these same ships could carry the teleporter.
I suppose a dynamic of having no shield at the time allows for teleportation or having a skill at teleporting lets you break through x percent of shields up to 100%.

I just think we have Autothysian Lancers in game and these could be used to better effect for better and worse for the pilots of new eden.

Corpse collections could be seen as very valuable and a deadly weapon if the mechanic is fleshed out sufficiently.

I look forward to other suggestion to build on this premise?


Yes, let me teleport slaves randomly into people’s cargo holds in Minmater and Gallente space so they lose standing and/or are fined for their illegal cargo. Sounds great.

Yes, let me protect my valuable cargo by teleporting it to another ship if I’m being ganked. Sounds great.

Yes, let me transfer random crap like carbon, etc. into the holds of ratting ships so they can’t loot without emptying it first. That would be fun. I could scoop the good loot without any chance of them getting it at all. Sounds great.

Hope CCP does it. I’m sure the community will just love it.


Why not, you can unload without docking… :crazy_face:


Yes lets make it easier to automate minig barges putting ore in an orca or rorq.

At least people would use barges?

This isn’t a real thing.

I must admit I really like your way of thinking.

I still need to donate mine.

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