Abandon deployables in space

I would like the ability to abandon deployables in space and allow said deployables to be scooped to cargo hold by the first player that comes along. This feature would be useful for transfering MTUs and mobile depots between corp mates while on deployment.

Not entirely sure but can’t you create a jetcan by jettisoning a single piece of ammo or something then dragging the MTU from your ship cargo hold into the jetcan? :thinking:

Cant put a cargo container in a cargo container as far I’m aware.

Oh right once you launch it it is no longer assembled and can only do so in station however I think should be doable if you haven’t launched it yet… maybe.

Just rechecked. No option to jetcan.

As I wrote create the jetcan first by some other item and only after try to put the MTU in it.

Btw if you bring a Mobile Depot along you might be able to repackage the MTU though not sure about it either but worth a try because if it works then you can also exchange MTUs after they were launched and recovered.

If you can give me verified directions on how to transfer deployable between players in space I’ll take it. Havent found a way personally.

You said you just checked so I assume you are online right now. Create a jetcan by jetting a peice of ammo. Then drag the MTU from the cargo hold into the jetcan. See if it works. You might have to repackage the MTU first though. For that a mobile depot might work not sure.

Cant put a cargo container in a cargo container.

And is the MTU repackaged or was it launched already earlier?

The suggested feature wouldnt make that distinction and open up returning gear to fallen corpmates after reship.

Not talking about your suggestion just checking if there is an alternative.

None that I’ve found. Only option available is to leave ship, let the corpmate enter said ship, deploy mtu, exit ship, and return to original ship.

Oh I see, that’s clever though risky and requires the corpmate to be trustworthy. :upside_down_face:

Hence the suggested feature.

Exit your ship, have them enter your ship and deploy the deployable under their name.
Swap back ships.

Edit: Oops, missed the post just above saying exactly that :sweat_smile:

Alternatively, you can bring a ship with a fleet hangar: DST, mining booster or capital ship, and let people transfer the deployable in there.

Cant do that between toons on a single acct.

That’s a constraint I was not aware of. I think it’s still technically possible though.

  • Have two characters on the same account,
  • both in the same corporation
  • first character has the deployable inside his fleet hangar
  • and has the fleet hangar ‘open to corporation members’
  • turn off the setting to make you warp to safety upon disconnect

Now you can let the second character grab the deployable, by closing the game on the first character (not safe logging!) and logging in with the second character. The first character will still be in space for 30 seconds, during which you could grab the deployable from their fleet hangar.

I haven’t tried it, and it seems like a hassle, but I think it should work.

Puzzle aside, the ability to transfer deployables mid-space between different characters seems like a useful feature.

So one would need a porpoise toon, at minimum, and try to beat the clock everytime. Still think the suggested feature would be hands down the most effective means.

So what about a ship with a ‘fleet maintenance bay’, or maybe a fleet hanger?