Question about MTU's

Okay, So I have an Alliance, and I do PI. people in the other corp cannot transfer to the corp office in a system so every cycle I have to create contracts to someone in the other corp that has access to the corp office to retrieve needed PI for factory use in the other corp. Geesh. Did that make sense? So I was wondering if the people outside of the corp office can drop a MTU outside of station, drop some or all of the PI (up to 27km3), and have the other corp pick it up. And no, creating a POS or Citadel is not an option.

The question I have is…Will they be allowed to? Or will it be yellow to them? I suppose it doesn’t matter if I’m close to station. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

Dray Cil

Nobody else can access the MTU except the person who dropped it.

The MTU can only collect the contents of cans that the owner has access rights to without going suspect.

The MTU can be blown up by third parties without being CONCORDed - they will only go suspect.

Here are the criteria for a can to be ‘white’ to a player for legal content retrieval:

When taking is not stealing

If the player does not own a container or wreck, they may still have an implicit right to take from it. However, this is only if the owner of the container:

  • Has given the player a personal standing of 10.
  • Is in the same player corporation as them.
  • Is in the same fleet as the player (and is in the same solar system as the player).
  • Has set their wrecks as “available to all”. This allows anyone to take from their wrecks and cans without any consequences. Wrecks marked this way appear blue on the overview, rather than the usual yellow or white.
  • Is a legal target to the looting character, like the owner of the container being flagged as a suspect or being in a limited engagement with the looting character.
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I don’t think the other Corp will be able to access it.

Okay, but I don’t have a problem with turning yellow/suspect if I can at least access the contents. So that is possible? Or if i give them +10 standing.

Your MTU cannot collect from wrecks or cans that you do not have access rights to. That is, your MTU cannot make you go suspect, so it will ignore the cans if they are not either white (you personally have access rights) or blue (the can is abandoned and everyone has access rights).

As for the standings: the person dropping the can must give the +10 standings to the owner of the MTU.

I’m not talking about the wrecks, I’m talking about the MTU itself.

And yes, I can make the OWNER of the person dropping the MTU give +10 standings to the people that will be retrieving items.

I’ll just try it out and see how it goes. Also I know the MTU has to be more than 2k away from station, I’ve got safe spots I can use temporarily.

The only person who can access the MTU is the person who deployed it. Period.

The way to use an MTU in this situation is to have the receiving corp drop the MTU, and the delivering corp drop cans containing the PI materials. Provided the delivering corp players set the MTU owner to +10, the MTU will collect the contents of the can - but only the individual player who deployed the MTU can take the contents out of the MTU to deposit into the station.

Keep in mind that MTUs are probe-able and can be destroyed by third parties, even in high sec, without NPC response - so using a safe spot is of limited value in protecting your contents from someone who enjoys popping MTUs.


Thanks for the clarification. As for getting the MTU’s blown up, yeah, I know that, but it will only be up for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time, in a mostly friendly, empty system.

Dray Cil

For a 10-15 minute period, why not just dock everyone in the station and use the Trade function?

Because some are on the same account.


Ah. That would be a rather niche use case indeed. I hope this solves for your needs.

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However I guess if they deploy the mtu, and you jetcan the stuff and make it blue it would scoop it for them? Maybe you don’t even have to turn it blue?

Don’t MTUs scoop abandoned jet-cans?
Thought they did.

To be honest, the contract is the easiest solution, and also the safest, if direct trade and delivery doesn’t work. Everything posted here sounds like a time consuming and inefficient workaround.

But anyway, perhaps a secure container may help, it can be deployed in space and has limited access.


You know what, someone did a direct delivery to me and I’ve been playing for many years, I didn’t even know that was possible. It has to be a player station though. And I think you are right, contracts are probably faster. I think it’s kinda dumb that same-Alliance players don’t have an easy way to transfer goods.


MTU will scoop blue wrecks.

Well, there are also Corporation Offices you can rent at an NPC station. They provide corp hangars available for corp members, but I’m not sure about Ally members.

they have an easy way: contracts. It is very easy. Just don’t do it on daily basis, do it every week with the pi for one week
I don’t really see why it is so difficult, it seems less time consuming than dropping a can , dropping mtu, warp out etc…

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Don’t you mean: the people who can access the MTU are the people who destroyed it?

Having blapped over 250 MTUs myself, I’ve made a tidy little sum stealing and/or liberating the contents of these little buggers.

And anyone can blap an MTU. All it takes is a little nerve and the guts to go suspect.

Semantics. the topic was in regards to others in corp accessing a MTU without destruction.

Sure someone like Pix or you or anyone else can access an MTU by destroying it. but the OP wants others to have access to it without destroying it.