The MTU, create a launch for fleet option so dedicated salvage pilots can access it

When you launch aa MTU, you use the “launch for self” option.
None but you may access the MTU.

It would be nice if there was also a “launch for fleet” option, giving fleet members access to the cargo and scooping it.

Typical utility when one player enter a pocket, deploy his MTU so tractoring can occur while the fight goes on. Then his salvage buddy comes behind, with a large cargo hold, but can’t collect either the MTU, or the cargo, just the wreck.

Instead, the owner of the MTU has to double back, and administer the MTU.
This is highly annoying, as handling the MTU should be delegated to the salvaging member responsible for picking up the loot to increase the efficiency of the fleet.

This has the most impact in deadspace zones with many gates, where you can’t go back without first having to warp out.

Alternatively, add the option to grant the salvaging fleet member as an individual pilot equal access to the MTU as the owner, rather than the fleet as a whole

devils advocatte, cant the salvager just bring his own.

i would like to see mobile structures have remote access rights set by the player with
++corp access
+++Aliance access
++++Blue (free access)

note that they would be unable to scoop the structure but would be able to access it. shooting a blue structure would still cause a suspect timer

A salvager brining their own MTU could definitely be a thing, but then you’d risk driving a Noctis into an active pocket, risking aggro & having to jump out. In a multi-pocketed area, getting back through several gates will be annoying.

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