Destroy private property NOT A CRIME? MAKE GANKERS PAY!

Tired of random clowns and flippers getting away with all the your loot/belongings?
MTU and password container were meant to protect your property in space, keep the thiefs
out. Destroying MTU’s, that in case of ganking, do the important work of looting back your fit, so at least one could go back and recover some part of the loss… but they are paper tank… and even so, getting in siege and shoot your private property, looks like it is completely legal AFFAIR. NOT SO MUCH in my humble opinion.
I vow for a change in crime mechanic so MTU AGGRO WON’T GO UNPUNISHED!

Mobile Tractor Unit | stow A-way | Killmail | zKillboard

The ganker did well to get 49K of damage done, solo, in a T1 Catalyst in 0.7. Or were you flashy at the time ?

As an environmental activist and MTU disposal engineer, I will say this,

Leaving your MTUs laying around cluttering up the space lanes makes them hazardous to everyone in the system.

Be thankful for people like me, Empty-U and other disposal engineers who work tirelessly to clean up all the abandoned MTU’s laying around in the cluster.

It is the duty of the MTU owner to ensure that their property is stowed safely in their cargo holds.

MTUs are considered abandoned when their owners are not present, or are more than 2,500 m away from their MTU and cannot stow it promptly when a disposable engineer arrives on scene.

On behalf of all MTU disposable engineers,
Yours truly,

Ax’l Thorne
Over 250 MTU’s safely removed from the space lanes of New Eden, and counting.


MTU’s are free game. At anytime, anyone can blap them.

However, it does flag you suspect. Which means anyone can shoot at you. But once they do, the MTU hunter can shoot back. It’s a great way to bait mission runners into attacking you and they quickly learn that their blinged out Lv4 mission running PVE of a beast battleship, is worthless in PvP against a tactical destroyer. Or a assault frigate.

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Oh…learned something new. And they show up on killboard too. Even better.

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Thank you for your service.

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They are a lot of fun to hunt down and blap.
And sometimes you can find a gem. I’ve found a few with over 800 mil isk in loot and faction mods

(Most likely the mission runner biffed it in a burner, and their own MTU gobbled up their wreck).

It’s also fun to follow behind mission runners that run multiple MTU’s dropping them in each room and blapping them as they go along.

The most fun were mission runners that micro-jump for 200 km away from their MTU, and all they can do is watch helplessly as you blap it right from under their noses.

Sometimes they will will target you with the yellow box of impotence and whine in local about you being some horrible person in real life who does horrible things in real life. It’s amazing how upset people get over pixilated space garbage.

Take the OP for instance.


Speaking of stuff that’s just been dumped there, I think its between Isanamo and Uemisaisen…just before you arrive at the Uemisaisen gate there’s some small structure that is literally right in the warp path and one almost collides with it…looks too small to be a player station…but I’m not sure what it is. It that some sort of ganker perch or something ?

Ganker perch? Probably not. They usually hang tethered off any player station that accepts outsiders.

It might be a mobile depot.

You can also shoot at those. But once it gets down to 60% shields it goes into reinforced mode and can’t take any more damage for 48 hours (maybe 24, I forget)

One note though. Do NOT shoot at secure containers or loot containers. That will get you blapped by CONCORD in high sec.

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For some reason I read this as Make Gankers DAY!

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lmao 7mil mobile tractor tears


Going yellow over MTUs is certainly a cut above going yellow over mining cans.

Yeah. A month or so ago I was doing the warp to the gate at 100 in a prowler and there were multiple systems where somone had dropped a container right at that point just to uncloak people. Good trick.

As both a user of MTUs and a disposer of abandoned ones, I 100% agree with Ax’l Thorne.

but if it’s damaged to 25% of its shield hitpoints it will go into a “reinforced mode” for two days. During this period it cannot be damaged further, giving you enough time to either defend it or scoop and escape. After the two-day reinforcement timer is up, if it has not been repaired, it can be destroyed and its contents looted.

I couldn’t remember the specifics. I just know that it’s annoying.

This and burner missions are why I’m thinking about getting a Nergal.

The nergal is an excellent ship for baiting.

I managed to get a Gnosis to over 100K EHP. Though the shield recharge time on a Gnosis is long. It is also possible to create one with 40K EHP and a shield recharge time of just 132s…though the cost is around 300m ISK. And unlike the bait Nereus, the bait Gnosis is well armed…400 DPS or so.

Plant a Pilot™ scheme?