Salvaging other Capsuleer Wrecks

For the sake of a cleaner New Eden universe (and OCPD), I propose that after 1 hour (or less, much less) all wrecks are automatically abandon by their owners, so that I can salvage all of them with the help of a mobile tracking unit.

(Disclaimer: this post in no way undervalues people suffering from OCPD.)

You used to be able to salvage any wreck, just not loot, did that change?

MTUs dont tractor other peoples wrecks, thats what he doesnt like.

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MTU is one of my things that I think should be removed from the game because it eliminated a profession.

Yes but it did give convenient warp ins in WH space when ratters went to pick them up. You cant warp to a ship that isnt in your fleet, but you can warp to MTUs. Also it just means you can shoot MTUs in high sec and steal part of their loot.

Really, you can shoot them in HS?

I didn’t know that, no suspect flag?

This is not going to be pretty :rofl:

Shooting a MTU will cause you to go suspect. It will not cause you to go criminal.

I think you get suspect flag, you just don’t get Concorded…

Bonus, so the owner might attack? :skull_and_crossbones:

Yes, if they know you are there. You can warp into a mission runner’s site in a covert cloak equipped ship, wait for the mission runner to leave the MTU to go get their salvager, then take the loot and pop it after they warp out. Or shoot torpedoes at it from range while they are in the middle of a rather nasty L4 security mission. They probably aren’t going to take their focus off of the 14 battleships attacking them to keep you from killing their MTU.

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if they arent spamming burners they are doing 4s wrong anyways

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