[Modified] Please make (empty) wrecks in Abyssal space destroyable

Hey there, I’d like to discuss the prospect of finding a way, or best case scenario implement in a future patch, to deal with empty wrecks in abyssal space.

As you may know, filaments open an instanced space with 3 rooms you need to clear in under 20 minutes, otherwise you lose your ship and pod.

One particular issue that has nothing to do with player skill, or ship fitting, are empty wrecks.
Those pesky little thing will put a dent in your income that you don’t really need because a MTU will pull it regardless of its contents if it’s close enough, wasting valuable and most needed seconds.

You might say “you could just loot the bioadaptive cache and be done with it”.
As it may be true to T1-T3, it’s isn’t anymore in T4-T5, you need that loot.

You’re already under a tight time pressure and there are enough dangers in abyssal space to not be worried about a wreck that you can’t do anything with.

The problem is two-fold :

1/ There’s no mean to destroy a wreck.
2/ Not being a direct problem per se, but because of it’s “stupidity”, MTU will pull any wrecks that appear in space from closest to furthest, regardless if it’s full or not.

Regarding the discussion that went on below, it appears we came to a consensus that MTU should not be changed since it’d involve more automation, but instead wrecks should be made destroyable in abyssal space which appears to have been overlooked, because apparently they can be anywhere else but in abyssal space.



like i said befor
at EVE London in the AMA was a question for such a MTU option

EVE staff looked surprised about that … it was never brought up befor but they said that it is possible to do and theres nothing against it

found it: at 2:19:13 … i dint found the option to create a direkt link to that spot

hopefully we get the option

Have no issues with empty wreaks.

You get them normal space too. It just a wreak so badly damaged there’s nothing left of value salvage or loot from it.

The question is, is there a too higher percentage of wreaks become empty?

An empty wreck isn’t the issue.

An empty wreck being close enough to be prioritized and pulled by a MTU in abyssal space, where you only have 20 minutes to clear 3 rooms and loot everything, can waste valuable seconds that can potentially make you lose everything.

This is the issue I’m trying to put forward : It makes a site harder than necessary (or than it already is).

The price of having an automated looting bot is that it is slow and dumb. This is a good balance so I’m generally against improving the mtu in any way.

I’m surprised to hear that the wrecks can’t be destroyed though. Pretty sure normal wrecks can, so maybe that should change.

Don’t be so greedy. Abyss space isn’t meant to be a ‘clean sweep’ with all loot.


True, but deploying an MTU in itself chews up alot of time.

Most players have a fast enough ship they could fly to each wreak faster than an MTU would deploy and pull wreaks, and with deployed salvage drones shiuld clear a sphere faster.

Normally i’ll run down loot wreaks and let salvage drones clear the others, and pull them as approach the gate. Might leave a few salvage wreaks, but always get the loot ones.

My Gila with AB goes about 680m/s.
My ‘Packrat’ MTU pulls wrecks at 1,250m/s.

Do you know anything about Abyssal sites ? I mean Filament-created abyssal sites, not conduits or anything else.
Because there’s no way you crawl up to each wreck and make it out in time.
Some of those wrecks can be as far out as 80km+

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Of course I’m gonna be greedy.
There’s enough risk for abyssal runners to expect getting all the reward available.

Let me emphasize it once more, you are time-limited in there, and if you don’t get to the Origin conduit in time, you lose your ship and your pod.

In my risk vs rewards expectancy that’s of the charts.

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So you’re saying that if you can’t loot all the wrecks abyss sites aren’t worth doing at all?

Entitled much?


What I’m saying is having to worry about wasting much needed time pulling an empty wreck before full ones because it’s closer, is a problem above all the already existing ones (limited time, target prioritization etc) that abyssal runners don’t need.

I wouldn’t mind letting this go if missing a wreck was my mistake, but here it’s coming from a game mechanic that could be improved.

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The game mechanic doesn’t need improving. You need to let go of your emotional attachment to loot everything in the field.

Mtu’s are DELIBERATELY designed to be dumb. That’s the price of a looting bot.


That sir, is not for you to say.

I’m sorry but if you look at the video linked at the beginning of the post, Devs appear to be interested in looking into it.


Deliberately ironic?

Does not mean it’s a good idea.

These forums are for such a discussion. And thus far your only argument is a thinly veiled irrational need to loot every wreck so you want better automation.

Because more automation has been such a good idea this past decade. We should definitely have even more of it… :upside_down_face:

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And thus far the only thing you’ve done is strongly oppose the idea, being borderline aggresive to everything I’ve replied, and just now you’re basically saying the Dev Team has made the same mistake for over 10 years ?

Maybe it’s doesn’t seem it’s a good idea for you.
Doesn’t mean it is bad for at least some other players.

It’s all a matter of risk vs reward.
There are quite a lot of players literally risking billions worth of ships and implants everytime they pop a filament to earn on average maybe 60m a site on T5.

The risks of dying in T5’s are off the charts, considering 3 rooms to clear in 20 minutes, with spawns varying to some being more than deadly.

I myself am risking about 3.5b everytime I pop one to get on average 60m, so I earn less than2% of my ship and pod’s value and you’re saying by any means I shouldn’t be looting easy ?

You have your opinion and I respect it, maybe you should do the same and try not to ruin other people’s ideas because they don’t fit in your vision of the game.

Doesn’t matter how hard we throw arguments to each other, in the end only the devs will tell if it’ll make it in the game or not.

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What you’re saying here is that because you bling you’re ship you deserve more rewards.

So if i fill a marauder with plex the game should be changed to give me extra rewards?

If you don’t think the rewards are worth the risk, don’t do it.

With regards to making things too easy and farmable? Yes. The devs have pretty much said the same. That’s what blackout was for. That’s what roaming trigs are for. That’s why moon mining was changed. Where have you been?

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This has nothing to do with me or what I do… have you read the OP ?

This has to do with wreck prioritization.
I’m sorry but choosing the closest wreck to pull as the default and only MTU working mode is a bad design.
Not only abyssal runners lose time, other people using a MTU lose time because maybe they just want to loot and get out just as much as we do and aren’t interested in salvaging.

What I and probably others would like to see is the opton to either ignore empty wrecks, or have some kind of switch to be able to pull empty wrecks or not. Or even just change the prioritization from distance to contents (meaning if it’s full, pull it. If it’s empty, only pull when there are only empty wrecks on the field).

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I’m a little over 3 months old, hi.

You don’t understand that this was the whole point.

If you want to loot efficiently, do it yourself. Or loot inefficiently with an mtu.

It’s a meaningful choice. Eve, by design, does not let you have your cake and eat it too.

The proposal has everything to do with your lack of understanding, entitlement and greed.

You don’t understand the meaningful choice behind the mtu. And you feel entitled to more rewards because you spent more on your ship, (which you already get by being able to run the site faster with more powerful mods) but you want even more rewards because you are being greedy.

How isn’t this about you? Have you read my first reply? I totally agree to being able to shoot the wrecks. But an mtu should never be smart, in abyss space or otherwise.


This is how the industry works… You should have a look at other MMO’s that for most of the ones I’ve played, over the years everything was made to make players’ life easier. Why should EVE be different ?
You said it yourself :

Why do you think ? To make players’ life easier.
That’s just the way it goes.

And you seriously think I’d be arrrogant and selfish enough to ask for afeature I’d be the only one to benefit from it ?

I’m growing tired of your blatant, obnoxious and again borderline agressive way of saying “I don’t want that in my game”.

That’s not YOUR game that’s the devs’. So just say you don’t like the idea and be done with this post.

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These sorts of posts make me sad. People doing PvE in their private NPC farms, flying ostentatious bling boats, not really interacting with the rest of the universe… then asking for the game to be changed to make their repetitive, meaningless, bot-like behavior more profitable and even easier.

No matter how many ways the experienced players try to explain why this is bad, the new isk-grinder-bot aspirants won’t listen.

I am wondering why nobody has started a thread asking CCP to give every subbed account a monthly isk allowance. Why do all these people need so much isk?