Empty wrecks in Abyssal space are an un-needed nuisance

Hey there, I’d like to discuss the prospect of finding a way, or best case scenario implement in a future patch, to deal with empty wrecks in abyssal space.

As you may know, filaments open an instanced spece with 3 rooms you need to clear in under 20 minutes, otherwise you lose your ship and pod.

One particular issue that has nothing to do with player skill, or ship fitting, are empty wrecks.
Those pesky little thing will put a dent in your income that you don’t really need because a MTU will pull it regardless of its contents if it’s close enough, wasting valuable and most needed seconds.

You might say “you could just loot the bioadaptive cache and be done with it”.
As it may be true to T1-T3, it’s isn’t anymore in T4-T5, you need that loot.

You’re already under a tight time pressure and there are enough dangers in abyssal space to not be worried about a wreck that you can’t do anything with.

The problem is three-fold :

1/ MTU will pull any wrecks that appear in space, regardless if it’s full or not.
2/ There’s no mean to destroy a wreck.
3/ MTU prioritizes closest wreck over status (full or empty)

So in order to make Abyssal runners life a little less tense, I can see a few ways to remedy this :

1/ Make empty wrecks destroyable
2/ Make the MTU ‘ignore’ abandoned wrecks
3/ Let the MTU stll prioritize closest first, but full wrecks first and empty ones last. (So that we can scoop MTU whenever full ones are close)

Have to say i would welcome the option to select ‘ignore empty wrecks’

Only time i would want all wrecks is if i am salvaging, which on some missions (and your scenario of Abyssal space) is hardly worth doing.

at EVE London in the AMA was a question for such a option
EVE staff was surprised about that … it was never brought up befor but they said that it is possible to do and theres nothing against it

problem: its sounds easy … it isnt easy

hopefully we get the option

you should post this to: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/player-features-ideas


i’ve accidentally destroyed wrecks before outside of abyssal, are they not destroyable inside abyssal??

Full ones maybe, empty ones though nothing works :frowning:

Thanks for suggesting that I re-created this post there, please use it instead of this one.

@CCP_Falcon Coud you please close this one here ? Thanks :slight_smile:

CCP Falcon “left” CCP …

@ISD can you guys lock this thread as OP requests


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