A very simple QOL change for the abyss

Can we please make the extraction node ‘wrecks’ destroyable? Just like blowing up a ship wreck, being able to destroy empty extraction node ‘wrecks’ would be very helpful, and it just makes sense.

Question from someone who doesn’t run abyssal filaments: why would it be beneficial?

Very few people blow up their own wrecks in other PvE engagements, because there isn’t an actual purpose to it. How is the Abyss different in this respect?

I run Abyssal and I don’t see how this change would be beneficial at all. How much precious time on the Abyssal timer are you wasting blowing up wrecks?

I will say it’s hilarious with my MTU pulls in the extraction node wrecks - they’re gigantic.

He wants to destroy empty wrecks so that his MTU doesn’t waste time pulling them.

They already removed rat wrecks.

We should probably disallow anchoring MTU’s in abyss at all.


Fixed it for you :wink:


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