Some abyssal QOL feedback

Just a few things that annoy me about the abyss.

  1. I full clear rooms, IE I get all the caches and nodes. It is kind of annoying to get empty cans. Most people don’t full clear, but it would be nice to get something out of all cans for those of us who do.

  2. If you do not agree with 1. that is fine. However please can we allow players (and NPC’s for that matter) to shoot and blow up EMPTY wrecks so we don’t waste time tractoring in empty wrecks. NPC’s can pop nodes already so why not be able to pop EMPTY nodes?

Other than that I have no other gripes.

Thank you.

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Welcome to exploration. Why should you have full loot in your 0 risk activity?

Shoot them yourself, like people in normal space do if they don’t want their MTU to tractor crap.

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Unfortunately by opening your mouth you have now let the world know you know nothing about the abyss yet you still want to chime in with your 2 cents.

The ENTIRE point on point 2. was to ALLOW players to be able to do this. But since you know it all and or can’t read, you plowed head long into stuff you know nothing about or comprehend to give your much needed opinion.

I hear people like you are great for low level public office or local school boards. Then after years of mismanagement and incompetence you graduate to higher levels of government, to ruin even more stuff on a greater scale.

I wish you the best on your future endeavors.

chill out man

he was right though

(pls dont hurt me)

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