Hackable MTUs with a twist

Seen other posts about hacking MTU. I think it would be cool to hack MTUs and on a success you can take ONE item. You go suspect, the owner gets a notice, but I mean if you are scanning it and you see something really nice…

Why? Destroy it get all loot

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Destroying MTU’s and stealing the loot is more fun and satisfying (especially under the nose of a mission runner) than playing some stupid connect the dot mini-game.


imo, if you get a successful hack, you should be able to get the item without turning suspect. Would make it a bit more of a Russian Roulette game, especially if you do your work under the guns of the guy farming.

Plus a lot of tears if you do your work in a rookie ship.


Let’s add hackable cargo containers to the list…


in my opinion the password system for anchored containers and MTU’s should be ditched, I think a mini game should be implemented which is similar to Mastermind to mix things up, number of attempts is 1+ levels in hacking attempting to hack maybe puts it into a brief 5-20 minute reinforcement

No one is asking to take your fun. There’s lots of fun to go around.

I never said that my fun was being taken away.

Whats the point if its full and you only get one item

I didn’t think I needed to explain but when you blow up a MTU only some loot will drop. Loot fairy might not drop the best items in there. The point of being able to hack a single item is:
1 - you get a single item for sure.
2 - its another way to get people to flag as suspect and possibly get shot at which is good times.

You said hacking is stupid and shooting MTU is more fun, which maybe it is for you, so go shoot your MTUS and don’t hack them then. Why you felt the need to crap on hacking is beyond me here.

Problem with your idea is the following:

  • if you can take only one item, nobody will do it because it’s just frustrating and boring. Not worth any devtime, really.

If you can take all items after a successful hack, you have to following problem:

  • any 500k ISK frig can fit a Probe Scanner and a Data Analyzer to hack the MTU.
  • a good hacker will have solved the “minigame” in probably less than 20 seconds.

This means, the aggressor in this case risks basically nothing and has a high chance to get away with it even if the owner of the MTU tries to warp to it instantly after receiving the hack-attempt-notification.

Currently an MTU has 50.000 ehp and does cost 10-12m ISK, so if an attacker decides to chose a “cheap ship” (aka destroyer or cruiser) he will do around 400-600dps and need almost 2 minutes to kill it with a closerange weapon system and can be freely engaged in this time. And he at least risks the same amount of ISK that an MTU does cost (likely 10-12M in a T2 fit). Most likely more. If he wants to burn it quickly with a 1000dps ship, he risks a lot more and still needs around a minute.

So, your idea would make stealing other peoples stuff incredibly easy and without any risk for the offender. And that is not really cool. If you want to add hacking as a viable option against MTUs, make it so that the hack attempt gives you a suspect timer and if you are successful some kind of “system override” timer begins and the MTU becomes accessible AFTER that timer has passed. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever. The MTU needs to say locked all the time, else the timer ends. And the Hacking Game should be so hard that you should need good skills and bonused/rigged ship to have a chance of winning them. To reliably win them you would need max skills, T2 data analyzer, T2 hacking rigs and a bonused ship.

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Nice deflection, mate.

If you want to hack, go hack relic site. It seems kinda pointless to add hacking to MTU’s when one can already bust them open like a piñata.

But I suppose if you really want CCP to add the hacking mechanic to an MTU, which would cause you to go suspect and have a massive mini-game screen pop up to obscure anyone that might be incoming to shoot at you, then by all means….

There is a reason why MTU’s have more hitpoints than a battleship.

It makes it more suspenseful for the person shooting at it knowing that the owner could pop up anytime.

Or it gives them time to get back to it and scoop it up before you have a chance to blow it up.

Now if it takes the mini game 3 minutes complete, then…. Possibly it might be worth it to include that mechanic.

A timer is a good idea ya.