MTU loot question

I blew up someone’s MTU I scanned down. I noticed some of the items say “destroyed” in the kill report.
Did I do this when I blew it up? There is a chance factor involved? or did the owner of the MTU scuttle some of his items beforehand?

nope when you destroyed the MTU, you destroyed some of the stuff… we call what happens, Loot Fairy. its a chance on what drops and what doesn’t.


Okay, thanks! I noticed the nice items like Pithum got destroyed. Loot Fairy likes to play with us I see!

yea that tends to happen…

In more detail:

When you destroy something that results in a wreck upon destruction the wreck has a chance of containing items from the object it spawned from. Each item stack has a 50% chance to drop.

So if you destroy a deployable (MTU, mobile depot, etc.) or a player ship then the contents if there’s anything in them (including fitted modules in case of ships) have a chance to drop as loot. Each stack of items in cargo holds (including specialized holds / bays as well such as drone bays, ore and gas holds, fleet hangars and so on) and each fitted module has a 50% chance to drop (if the Loot Fairy™ approves).

Note that item stack refers to a single item (a single module or ammo piece and such) or several of the same item (more than one piece of ammo or more than one of the same module repackaged and being together as a single stack) which show up as a single item in your cargo hold or hangar (with a number representing how many of each item they contain).

Loot drop mechanics also include cargo containers and their contents as well which also count as a single item (stack) thus if you put stuff (even multiple items / stacks) in a cargo container and have it onboard your ship when your ship is destroyed the entire cargo container (along with its contents) has a 50% chance to survive… or be destroyed. (Of course you can have as many cargo containers in your cargo bay as it has enough space for.)


Thanks so much for that information!

its kinda ironic, i just found out one of the MTU’s you destroyed, which was empty, was a teammates lol.


Oops sorry bout that :pirate_flag:

meh, we understand the risks, he wasn’t upset

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Well done, get rid of that space junk!

Did I mention I produce MTU manufacture material? :japanese_ogre:

don’t be sorry about shooting things in a pvp game with spaceships! be proud!


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