Mixed Fleet and Wrecks While Wardecced

Suppose we have 3 players, A, B, and C. No one has their safeties set to red. C and A are at war with each other. A and B are in a fleet running a mission. B has an MTU. C uses combat probes and finds and kills A. B can’t do anything because B isn’t at war with C. A’s ship is now a wreck. Does B’s MTU save A’s modules by scooping them up, or does that make B’s MTU a valid target even though B isn’t at war with C?

B’s MTU scoops A’s wreck because they’re in a fleet. The MTU does not become a valid target. C can still shoot the MTU and gains a suspect flag.

Everytime that happens I just shoot the wreck.


An mtu will not scoop the contents of a wreck without it being the owners wreck. You are free to salvage the wrecks even if they arent yours, but an mtu will not remove any content from a wreck even a fleet. Only your own wrecks

So B cannot scoop As wreck as the owner of the wreck is C.

A however can scoop his own wreck iirc

Wait, I’ve been in fleets and MTUs scooped up wrecks owned by the other fleetmates (not wrecks of their ships, but when they kill a rat, the wreck is owned by them and has their corp tag on the overview and it still is lootable)

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The underlying question here is whether being in a fleet shares wreck ownership between different corporations.

Well it does for rat wrecks, I’d assume it’s the same for wrecks of ships themselves

Have a fleet member self destruct a cheap ship next to your MTU. Should solve this question.

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