Make MTUs/Mobile Depots hackable

Just a random idea but maybe hackable mobile structures could be a cool feature. They would self-destruct just like data site cans work but you would gain 100% of the contents. Also, they could be then used as pvp traps but that’s just fair play

Do you get suspect status when attempting the hack? Seems to me like you should, as that’s pretty shady!

While I’m all for more opportunities for the scoundrels of New Eden, It seems like you can already crack MTUs with your weapon system of choice very reliably.

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Interesting idea with the suspect timer. I like it. I could totally see hs/ls scoundrel warp to an MTU and hack it, steal the loot, and try to warp to the next system. Either a suspect or a weapons timer would work to give slow down the escapee.

You get a suspect timer when you attack one so its only fair you still get one attempting your idea

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