Containers in space?

How do you create or leave secure containers in space?

Thinking about using them to drop off my mining ores. Then come back later to pick it all up with a transport ship.


Is the capacity big enough.

I thought people only used secure containers to put crystals and spare drones, etc. in.

Having them anchored for ore seems like not much gain, because they just can’t hold much.

I’m just a newbie alpha so all I have is a Venture.
I was thinking to save myself time and trips back to dock to offload.

Even a giant secure container has less than 4000 m^3 of capacity, and you can only access them when within 2500m of them.

So it might be pretty inefficient.

You can use a normal jet can by ejecting from your ore bay and then opening the can and adding to it. Normal jet cans have a much larger capacity (around 25000 m^3), but can be looted by others, so they have some risk too.

Newbie question: What’s a jet?


You can eject cargo from your hold by right-clicking on it and selecting the eject option. That will drop whatever you jettison out into a can in space, next to your ship. You can then open that can and continue adding to it.

So it’s just a can, generally referred to as a jet can.

The difference between a jet can and a secured can is that a secured can is anchored in space, only available to whoever has the password and lasts 30 days if you don’t open it (every time you open it, the 30 day timer resets).

A jet can lasts approximately 90min - 2 hours before being available for garbage collection by the game, at which time it (and anything in it) disappears. So they can be useful, but for a limited time.

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Thanks for the info.

Seems like turn&burn is the better option.

Best bet will be using mobile tractor units to store your ore in space. They need to be shoot down before looting. But standard containers (jet-can) can be stolen right away just by becoming suspect.

As Lis wrote, you can use an MTU as an alternative.

The EVE University wiki has some information about that:

Good write up.

Where do you get MTUs?

As with most things: they can be bought on the in-game market from other players whobhave manufactured them. MTUs are also not tiny, so check and make sure your venture can actually carry one - IIRC the smallest MTU is 100m3, and a Venture’s base cargohold can only carry 50m3.

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He could drop it off/pick it up with another ship if he has the isk and skills.

Secure cans was something you’d see in belts waaaaay back in like 2010-2012 (really started to peter out in 2011). I never had any idea why anyone would do it. I managed to guess a couple of passwords and there was just rat drops in them, and some Tritanium. Was very confusing.

Note that if you use an MTU keep in mind other people can attack it and if you do not scoop it in time they can destroy it. NPCs will not attack deployables however but players can. This applies to hi-sec as well.


I did end up using a jet today for a small qty of Scord.
I dropped it, bookmarked, then came back a few minutes later to pick it up.



MTUs can be bought on the market ( go to Jita, for example) for +/- 7 mil isk.

They only hold about 27k in stuff. only you can access your mtu,

If a ganker wants your stuff, they will get it… they will shoot the MTU until it pops, and steal the loot.
All that you can do is to scoop up your MTU so you dont lose it, and a container pops into space for them to steal.

An MTU is better used in conjunction with a miasmos ( or other hauler), so that you are constantly empty’ing the cargo, and scooping it back into the hanger if a ganker shows up,

IMO the natural progression is to join an active mining corp or progress to omega for more capacity and poerhaps a second omega for command shiop/hauling operations etc etc.

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