Jetcan Means Cargo Container?

I saw three Ventures going by cargo containers. Some cruiser came and went by them and turned suspect. He went around for awhile. At some point he said “look, I’m taking all your ore from your jetcans except your Pyroxeres!” and the Ventures did what I did… just continue mining. Well, I didn’t make a cargo container and used the station. I was curious enough I didn’t switch asteroid belts but came back to it. 90 minutes later the guy went over to the cargo containers and they vanished. So were those what he was referring to when he said jetcan? I’m realize he was probably looting, so I’m not questioning his motives but his vocabulary.

Yes, when you eject something from your cargo hold, the can that is produced in space is called a jetcan. It lasts for 2 hours once ejected, then goes poof. And anyone and everyone can come along and steal whatever you’ve got in it. Jetcan mining is not recommended…

You answered my question thanks.

So not 2 hours after the last time someone put anything into it. Got it.

Eh, I can just get a buddy in a Dragoon and then we can do a combo of web scambler followed by sicing the drones on the thief right?

Yes, you could do so.

But maybe that was the intention of the cargo thief, as they now have a limited engagement timer with you and can bring a more powerful ship to fight you.

But if you don’t mind risking your ships, go ahead and fight him for stealing! A buddy in a destroyer will be a good choice.


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