Abandon deployables in space

how about simply a “launch for corp” and “launch for fleet” option? -_-

Ownership sharing works for wrecks, why shouldn’t it be doable for deployables?


What if you just dont want the dead weight anymore and dont want the killmail for discarding it in space.

You could kill it yourself, I don’t think that generates a killmail.

Killing your own stuff don’t. I sometimes hop into left behind corvettes then pop back into my ship and blow them up just for the sake of it and it never generates a kill- / lossmail.

Then have a 5min timer before self destruct on an abandoned deployable. Mobile depots are a pain to get rid of. Regardless, transfering deployables between toons on deployment on a single account is the main issue here.

Whats going on here? Are these threads monitored.

Monitored by players? Yes.

Monitored by CCP? Who knows.

I wouldn’t expext too much from it.

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