Metamorphosis: scoop to mobile depot hold

I think it’s brilliant for the Metamorphosis to have a dedicated hold for a mobile depot.

However, if I drop a mobile depot in space, I can apparently only scoop it back to regular cargo hold. I can subsequently move if to the mobile depot hold, but this is annoyance if the regular cargo hold does not have the required 50m3 available. I basically have to jettison cargo, scoop the depot, move it, and then scoop the jettisoned items.

It would be better for the depot to go straight into the dedicated hold, or have a scoop to mobile depot hold option.



yes please !

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You can launch it from the mobile depot hold? I can’t.

I purchased a Metamorphosis frigate for exploration. It has a Mobile Depot Hold that is 100m3.

However, I cannot launch Mobile Depots from or collected back into the Mobile Depot hold. I have to move it into the normal cargo hold to deploy it. I was going to make a bug report.

If it’s not a bug, I don’t see why this hold exists. Just give us 100m3 extra cargo space in the normal hold and nix the Mobile Depot Hold (or fix it if it’s bugged). As is, if I don’t have 50m3 of free space in my regular cargo hold I can’t deploy or recover mobile depots.

Sorry for late reply.

You can drag the depot out of the cargo hold and drop into space (not on right click menu). That deploys it.

But you can’t scoop it to mobile depot cargo hold. You can only right click and scoop to hold (and then drag back to mobile hold). This means you need to have 50m3 free. If that’s not the case, you need to jettison items to make space to scoop, and then recover the items afterwards. But can be a bit cumbersome.

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