Plastic wrap for everyone

Please give us ability to wrap stuff in plastic at will. Currently I have to make courier contract to my alt, then contract it back just bo be able to put assembled ship inside jump freighter. It seems more complicated than it has to be.

It’s annoying, but bear in mind you’re not supposed to be able to put assembled ships in jump freighters. It’s a work around.

Otherwise instead of wraps you could just put assembled ships in normal cargo bays.

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Sometimes there is no feasible way to move rigged ships around other than JF. CCP have to say whats the design goals and either make it easier or impossible put ships in cargohold.

So either way you’re not gonna be able to wrap your own stuff. If it changes and you are allowed to put assembled ships in a cargo hold, the wrapping itself becomes an unnecessary step.

Not that I want to not be able to put ships in cargo, but if thats what devs want they should do it.

Also that depends on why we cant put ships in cargo. Just wraping stuff might be easier to do and useful for other purposes.

Cargo needs a rebalance across all ships. I’m surprised the freighted and jump freighters don’t have specialized holds yet like t1 industrials.

It boggles my mind frigates can have more cargo room than a battlecruiser.

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You are right and you should bring this to devs attention

I know I made a thread about it once or at least I know I made a post. I had a big list of all the base cargo hold sizes. There’s an disparity at the battlecruisers level. At least 2-3 are down in the 300s or low 400s compared to the 400 explo frigates. Rest of the pack falls around 500 and the snowflake gnosis at 900 but a fair number of bcs still fall well below some of the cruisers even with the exequror and mallers having high 400 numbers.
For how small most exploration loot is and the fact it stacks it’s odd exploration frigates have huge holds bigger than some of the cruisers and a small number of bcs. It’s just inconsistent.