Blueprint container

nothing major, just a small QOL thing. I end up moving blueprints and copies around a lot between citadels, and like most people I use small, fast ships for it.
to help keep them organized I use containers, but the smallest assembled container is 100m3 far too large to fit inside a ceptor/yacht/shuttle etc.

no it really isn’t that much of a hastle to open the container and drag the blueprints into the hold and it bothers my ocd with the mess, I would love to have a very small (say 10m3) container, one that I can put my prints into, and when I want to move them I can just slap the whole can into my cargo-bay.

as I said, its not anything critical, just I think it would be a fairly simple QOL thing.

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While I don’t fully agree with the reasoning for a tiny can like that I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more varieties of freight containers and maybe other types as well.

I jump freight with alts and a lot of time when you do purchase requests you either have to waste some space with freight containers or write down everything that goes to each person. Not critical issue but does get a bit annoying at times.

What I’d REALLY like to see is being able to wrap items, without requiring contracts, into their own shrink wrap.

i argued in favor of making smaller containers back years ago, the post drifted off into obscurity and no smaller containers have been added so dont get your hopes up too high.

Does this make the contents of your hold un-scanable? Also are you gaming the drop rate to a 50/50 chance for all or nothing, by wrapping items in one can?

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just use filters or a ship with a bigger hold?

I would say keep it the way it currently is for container drop chance and visibility. The only reason I would want this is for organization in freighting “buy orders” for corp/alliance mates.

But at the same time having shrink wrap like this would make freight cans redundant… So it doesn’t seem like a likely scenario to happen.

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