CCPls Containers within containers

Corp hangars can be an absolute minefield…as I’m experiencing right now trying to tidy up a catalogue of BPC’s. A type of container that could be placed within a container would be such a huge QoL improvement to create a folder tree style organisation when you have a wide variety of assets in a location.


It hasn’t happened for 20 years and you’re not the first to ask. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

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yeah I’m not expecting anything, but who knows, it may get seen and plant the seed of an idea lol.

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The info displayed says it all. It is a matter of laws of physics and an instability of the entire universe the breaking of which could cause.

Some of the containers are bigger on the inside than on the outside and this could cause a paradox

Maybe ditching that fancy tech in favor of crude metal enclousures would change that :thinking:

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It would be a way to reduce volume of items, and that is not the idea (the 3900m3 in the 3000m3 sized container is the exception, I think). Hermione Granger’s handbag didn’t make it into New Eden :smiley:

However, there are a few solutions for your particular question re blueprints.

  1. in the industry interface you have the filters from the pulldown menus - handy if you want to find and use one fast
  1. in the inventory you can make filters down to any level of detail (see e.g., EVE Online - Inventory Filter Tutorial - YouTube ) effectively creating a folder tree - well, sort of, it would be a bunch of single branches.

  2. one solution I applied was to get a number of the smallest containers, labeled them according to broad BPO categories (BPO Ammo, BPO Ships, BPO T2 Components, …). And yes, I have a lot of those. The BPCs all get dumped into the same container, because those are selectable via the indy window anyway when needed for use, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same with more containers.

Whether you scroll down a list of filters, or a list of containers, in the end it’s all the same scrolling. I dread to think what would happen if there are multilayered inventories (containers within containers). The search function already has some very serious limitations (think corp assets in secured and logged containers, or items in cargo holds).

I would be happy if CCP implemented some kind of tree view for search functions, for sure.

Hope this helps o7

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In a way it did :slight_smile: If you analyze volume and capacity of various conatiners you will clearly see there is something odd with them. They can store more m3 than their outside volume would normally allow for.
Few examples (I’ve just checked it in-game to be sure I am right :slight_smile: ):

  • Small standard container - 100m3 volume and 120m3 capacity
  • Medium standard container - 325m3 volume and 390m3 capacity
  • Large standard container - 650m3 volume and 780m3 capacity

That is what the Planck generator does - contracts the space inside the container and this is what prevents putting containers into containers :slight_smile:
Not all containers follow that rule like for an example:
Station container volume 2mil m3 capacity 1mil m3
But you can’t put other containers into it anyway :confused:

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