Item hangar subfolders?

An idea to help with inventory management. If we could add subfolders to our item hangar when docked to a station, like how we can have subfolders for our different bookmarks, it would help with organising inventories and making things look less cluttered, especially if you’ve got a large amount of stuff in your inventory. For example, I could create one subfolder for blueprints and one for ores and minerals and one for guns and ammo, and so on and so forth.

What do people think? Is this a good idea?


It seems a good idea (I like it) and it’s been proposed many times. Whether it is possible is another matter entirely. Generally idea are best posted in the Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

Just use station containers and you will have your folder system.

As a side effect it also helps you to bypass the item limit.


I tried that and it really doesn’t work well for a whole lot of reasons. I think subfolders would be a hell of a lot better personally.

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Why would they allow a “subfolder” system when they prefer you spend isk and use station containers?
Why would they provide a way to circumvent spending isk? The more you spend isk the better it is for the game.
EVE is just like real life in that regard: No free ride.

Because station containers suck, don’t work well as subfolders and I simply stopped using them, so they get 100% of nothing out of me isk wise, and that is called “shooting ones self in the foot”.
If they made me pay for the subfolders, and they worked as such I would buy lots of them, but they seem to have some sort of aversion to having an uncluttered UI and it’s pretty agravating.
Corporation hangers sort of work ok but are also much to limited, I do use those and because they are useful and all of my characters have their own corporation for this exact reason.
It’s stupid and wasteful to do it this way when subfolders are such a simple concept but that’s my workaround and it will continue untill they do something about it.

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How do they suck? Why don’t they work well as subfolders?
I mean, subfolders would work the exact same way than station containers work, or am I missing something?

I agree with that, although it’s not much the UI I deplore, it’s more the interaction between the UI and the mouse cursor.

How are they limited?

I’ve lost count on the amount of stupid and wasteful that those “180-IQ” people have come up with, in-game and in real life.

Im not understanding the limitation of containers particularly when you can already create folders separate from them in the form of filters. Those two together solve just about any problem. The few that aren’t solved are do to nested container issues and that would be the same even if you used folders rather than containers.


I don’t understand what the complaint is either and it seems that those who complain can’t give specific reasons as to why containers don’t do the trick for them so it seems to me it’s a complaint just for the sake of complaining.


I also am confused. Ive used cobtainers fir years and hoard large quantitties in them.


59.99 PLEX for each additional Ship hangar and cargo hangar in station!

Future patch notes:

  • Hangar containers were removed from market. You now have to use PLEX to sort your stuff.

I understand your issue and folders would be a good solution.

The ‘corporation’ hangars that have a few more folders might be a small help. It’s frustrating that some actions do not work in containers and things have to be moved over folders the whole time. For no apparent reason.

Like is said above, containers solve a minimal of arrangement and the " google ‘one folder to filter them all’ " adepts can’t see beyond how the game filters items. A solution for a narrow minded person isn’t always a solution for all. This is a sandbox after all.

Purchasable Hangar extentions and sub extentions would be a nice item for the shop though. Or even if they are made ingame like containers? It’s not that CCP can’t make “hangar demarcation” and “hangar sub demarcation” label items once can make. I’d prefer the Tier II ones though. :smiley:

If possible, edit the post and move this idea to Player Features and ideas or as a forum moderator to do it for you.

I had a similar dilemma insofar as wanting to organize all my stuff.

Just started using station containers and they’re great!!

Once assembled and renamed they act just like subfolders and as others have said get you around the single hanger item limit.

I see no downside to them other then their size which can be hard to transport if you buy else where (so just make them yourself in station).

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Folders are like the filters in the sidebar: Useless because they require you to have the sidebar open which costs more screen realestate and requires more scrolling. Subfolders, which are inherently going to be similar to filters, will just crowed the already overcroweded sidebar in a hangar window even more and thus require a lot more scrolling. It’s also harder to use 2 or more folders simultaneously, which is absolutely easy with containers as you can just open them in a new window with a doubleclick.

Freight Containers (added bonus is that you can move them in freighters should you ever need to move house) or Station Containers are a much better way to organize a hangar: a lot more customizable, a lot more flexible, a lot more options, a lot less UI clutter, a lot fewer problems.


This is superior to anything CCP ever tried or will try in the sidebar with the inventory system. Period.


Good enough for me :smiley:

Just use Filters. It’s already in the game.


I have no issues find my stuff. If you have a lot of stuff station containers. If you have a lot of m3 of a couple items (ore/minerals/ammo) use warehouse containers. If you plan on storing 900 item or under you can use any container as long as it will hold your m3.

Ok, so the limits are fairly simple, first of all you can’t really use anything in them properly, if you are screwing around with fittings and put something on your ship from a container when you remove it it wind up back in the clutter of your items hanger and needs to be sorted back out. That’s the first one I ran into ages ago. If you want to keep all the the crap you use for industry in them you either need to move your blueprints into your resource container (if you only happen to have one) and build from there, or dump all the resources into somewhere like the container your blueprints are in, or just dump the lot back into your items hanger where you didn’t want it in the first place. Corporation hangers have the same problem.
Maybe there’s some way I’m unaware of that allows you to define the path for all this crap and if so it would explain why some people want folders and sub folders and others say containers are fine. I don’t know. I just don’t use them and if I’m in a place where there’s no market I tend to just abandon big piles of stuff because I’m sick of dealing with it. There are also a lot of places where containers aren’t available and that makes them even less useful. The UI is already capable of this, it’s not like it’s some technical feat to make it work.
All this is is a way to organize stuff, it’s not a big deal and it’s not much to ask really.

Besides all that the UI for this stuff is already a knockoff of something stolen from Xerox ages ago, why not take it that one extra step?

Don’t just click “remove”, drag it out back into the container.

I don’t see the problem of keeping the blueprints with the resources since the system will place the blueprints up ahead of the resources in any container.

Why even have that much stuff in a place with no market? How did the stuff end up there in the first place? Sounds to me like procrastination instead of making sure to transport the things back to a better station as they pile up.
I tend to not even dock in a station with no market.

A Container blueprint is very useful, it’s not expensive and you can manufacture a container right into that station, it doesn’t take that much resources to build one.

CCP will get to it eventually, in a few years, lol.

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