I have contacted to GM CCP and they replied back suggesting me to use this forum. My first time in here so bear with me.

Character customization-
All that face customs, boots, clothes, hats, etc. That is left in the hanger as it’s not in use. it’s kinda in the way with a lot of other stuff such as modules, ammo’s, etc.

I have an idea about the hanger issue. I copied my message to CCP on here.

It’s a two thing suggestions.

  1. have all of those accessories such as clothes boots hats etc click “install” is to disappear from hanger and place it in character customization so those accessories isn’t in the way in hanger. if someone doesn’t want to keep one hat, then they can uninstall from character customization it will appear back into hanger in station they can give away or trash it or sell it.


  1. Create a new name in the inventor for those accessories stuff only.
    ship hanger-
    item hanger-
    delivery hanger-
    corporation hanger-
    plex vault-
  • character customization hanger-


I hope this idea work out
Thank you


This is what containers and/or filters, particularly “hide” filters, are for - they can be used clear clutter and better organize your hangar. I have a well organized hangar through use of both containers (which usually have accompanying filters so I can quickly select everything I want to dump in those containers) and hide filters (so I can survey everything except stuff I don’t want to see). Example: I have a “Vanity” container and a “Vanity” filter that allows me to filter all vanity items such a SKINs and Apparel and then once I select them all I dump them into that container.

Having an apparel vault akin to a PLEX vault also eliminates the freight risk of moving these goods, which would be a bad thing because such risk is, in fact, a good thing.

When you install skins, it goes into fitting list and disappear from hanger. This is the most excellent idea and I like it. The station container still in the way in hanger tho. This character Customization should be the same thing "install and it goes into character customization place and disappear from hanger. I meant all of it.

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Skins are somewhat different though because they are considered a “license” and aren’t a physical item once assigneded to a player.

This is also assuming you activate the skin, but there are times when you would not activate it, such as when you’re planning on selling it or when you have spare because you activated an identical one previously.

You don’t need too many containers. Basically my set up, which is very neat, allows me to filter all my assets and dump everything into the respective containers and then my hangars are clear of everything except the containers themselves. I might have some specialized filters or I’ll create an unsaved search filter on occasion, but not often.

Here is how I organize my assets in my corp, for example:


  • It’s important to separate compressed from uncompressed/uncompressable raw materials because one is freight-friendly (in terms of ISK/m3) and the other is not. The uncompressed items can always be compressed to be freight-friendly
  • The reason I have so many BP containers is because we own more than 1,000 unique (non-duplicate) ME10/TE20 BPOs, so those BPOs and any copies we make from them are stored in those containers. Most players/corps would not have this many BP containers.
  • The stockpiles section is the most important part - this is what comprises most hangar junk, and it’s this junk that goes in these containers
  • The rare goods section holds a lot of misc. items that gets further sorted here. These containers don’t contain much but it helps find random items that I have low quantities of (eg. faction BPCs, tags, keys, etc)

There are filters some of the I use to help me sort out these things so I know what to dump in these containers (along with a few other filters)


Note that filters are sharable, so if you create a set of filters you can always share them with other chars like alts or corpmates, etc.

After I filter items and store the filtered goods in the respective containers, my hangar is almost empty excpet for items I plan on using at the moment (eg. ship fittings, stuff I’m freighting, etc)

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Archer points out the use of containers for good reason.

You can simply use a hangar container named “character customization” to put all of your character mods into.

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Very well organized, maybe I should do the same. If that character customization can’t be done then.

Thank you for your feedback. I tried :confused:


Never hurts to ask. Sometimes the easiest solution is put forward by another player who had a similar issue solved. :smiley:


Put stuff in a container > request major overhaul of a core system.

It’s always going to be quicker and easier to ask how other folks deal with stuff. :slight_smile:

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:red_circle: What is actually funny here is that these items would benefit from the possibility to inject them directly into a character so that they do not clutter hangars or containers. Skins, which are actually sellable items because people see them in space, should not be injected directly into a char, but clothing items that no one needs, that no one buys should be gone into some obscure menu.

And speaking of obscure. It is extremely obscure on how to put them into the character’s accessories/clothing selection in the char editor. There ought to be an option the right click menu on these to put them there from the hangar without having to open the Character Editor and sifting through all sorts of items there to put them on and then off and then close the CE just to get them in there.

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similar my point. first i though of a clean hanger. [Archer en Tilavine] suggest about containers and well organize, i agreed

But problem is you have to take it out into a regular hanger to go into character customization which it is too much work.

Mine idea is what i have said at the beginning “install was the wrong word” the right word is “activate”

so, the activate can be de-activate to put back into hanger.

but if this can’t be done. then the containers is the second best option. :frowning:

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I like both options. And you’re right about the apparel items taking up a lot of room in the Items hangar.

I think Option 1 would be best but there needs to be a way to view a list of all Apparel items owned / installed / activated by the character. That would help stop unnecessary purchases of items already owned. Another tab in the character sheet similar to the Skins Tab would work.

Definitely need to include the option to uninstall / deactivate Apparel items, thus allowing you to sell or trade the items to another character.

I disagree 100%.

For a lot of years the ‘Risk Is Good’ excuse was said about transporting PLEX in the game and guess what, CCP eventually added the Vault, probably due to constantly getting complaints about it.

I think there should be an Apparel Vault added to the character sheet. A lot of those items can’t be easily replaced and some are no longer available.

If you want to protect apparel from destruction, I believe it should become “soul bound” - the same as activated skins. If you want to preserve the option of transporting them to market for sale, they should be exposed to risk.

PLEX is a medium of exchange, like ISK. In the modern world we increasingly think of money as a virtual resource that lives in a bank vault and can be accessed from anywhere so creating a PLEX vault makes a certain amount of sense.

PLEX has been in the game for a very long time, the PLEX Vault itself is a newer addition to the game.

Like I said before, CCP probably added the Vault due to constantly getting complaints from players about losing the PLEX they bought.

The (main) multiple colors of apparel thread brought up a number of solid ideas that make a strong case for “soul bound” apparel and possibly an apparel vault itself, so I’m increasingly amenable to the idea. For sure the PLEX vault was 100% absolutely the right decision because PLEX is currency and should be protected as such. An apparel vault is not “essential” in the sense that apparel is not currency or functional, but in contrast to other goods (including “rare and collectibles” like limited-edition ships) a strong case can be made for giving them their own vault. I don’t think it would be a slippery-slope where players will want other things to have their own vault (…except maybe gate keys? :stuck_out_tongue: )

“Soul bound” apparel is ■■■■■■■■ and definitely not something that should be encouraged. If we can’t trade and share it, then it’s not worth having.

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Yeah, I agree with that.

I trade Apparel items between my characters when creating new portraits. Also I usually just have one character buy, sell and transport the items so yeah, having them Soul-Bound is a no from me as well.

I still would like the option to install / uninstall Apparel items onto the character with an ‘Apparel Vault’ listing the items in the Character Sheet.

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I don’t think any player would prefer soulbound apparel; however, I am openly wondering if CCP would be willing to spend more time investing in simple color palette swaps of existing generic apparel if some apparel was soul bound. The fact that apparel can be traded means fewer people would buy them from NES, thereby decreasing the ROI of the effort CCP spends on making new apparel. (How hard can color swaps be, though, that CCP hasn’t done this YEARs ago?) This would only apply for generic apparel and would be relatively cheap due to the inability to trade. Also: soulbound apparel is less likely to have negative effects or inconsistent pricing in the market. Soulbound apparel would be completely and totally independent of an Apparel Hangar, which I settled down as being in favor of.

CCP hasn’t changed the Apparel list in the NES for ages. They don’t have to create a bunch of new Apparel items for it, they already have a bunch of different ones available. Just need to cycle them through the NES, preferably on a quarterly basis with each one introducing a new Apparel item.

Instead they just ignore that section of the NES and continue to invest time and resources into making ship skins.

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