So, about to go on deployment. Shoving all my subcaps into the ship maintenance hanger, cool. Except the subcaps all have refits. Normally these are stored in the cargo of the subcap so that we can refit on the fly.

Now I need to take them out, put them in the fleet hangar, and mix them in with the refits for the capital ship.

Would LOVE to have a stretchy-wrap container that would only ever be as big as the modules inside of it. That way hangar space isn’t wasted, and I’m not having to dig through a hundred or so modules trying to sort out my refits when we get to dest.

I thought this said stretchy warp, and you were going to ask for graphics like Star Trek. =)

My solution to carrying several ships and several ships worth of refit mods, is to use Containers for each. If it’s just extra ammo and drones for my Stratios (for instance), then I toss it all in a Medium Can and call it “Stratios Stuff”. Then when I get where I’m going, I toss that whole Can into the Strat and away it goes.

I don’t think they’re going to give you plastic wrap, when they’ve already given you a multitude of Cans of varying sizes.

Well… ammo itself CAN go in the cargo of the ship in the SMB.

They just don’t want players to be able to use it to circumvent the fleet hanger size. Which I’m fine with.

As for using other containers, that feels like a wasteful size. I’d rather just logically group items so that I can quickly unpack them.

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Actually, using Cans to circumvent storage space is an common and accepted practice.

Giant Secure Containers take up 3,000 m3 of space in your hold. But they can carry 3,900 m3 inside them (using the sci-fi equivalent of a D&D Bag of Holding).

So if your ship could hold 12,000 m3 (for example), then you toss 4x GSC in there, and now you can carry 15,600 m3. Then you’ve got 4 compartments that you can sort out goods. Same thing goes with the smaller Cans. Lots of varying sizes, giving you various cubbies to store away odds and ends.

use a bunch of frigates/smaller dessies, throw the spare refits onto them and rename them for the ship they’re meant for. Alternatively, use the Secure Containers. They’re always larger on the inside than the space they take up (GSC’s are 3k m3 in size, but can hold 3900 m3).

Or both.

Somewhat disinclined to use the secure containers, but I may not have a choice in the matter… it’s a workable solution and I guess I can always throw spare fuel into any space remaining in the can.

That said,

If that worked, I’d just leave ■■■■ in the ship they were intended for.

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It does…? I didnt say put the spare fits in their CARGO. Fit the spare fits to them.

GSCs are always worth considering precisely because it allows you to cram more fuel into the hangar bay. Nearly 1k m3 more fuel for each can isnt something to easily disregard.

That’s definitely a no-go lol, I had that suitcase’s SMB filled to the brim. Pretty sure a pod wouldn’t even fit in there now lol. Although for situations where I’m not trying to lug half a fleet in my bay, that’s actually a pretty creative solution.

It’s even funnier when you consider that, while you cant undock IN “overfitted” ships, you can undock in a capital carrying them.

Plus they’d be able to serve as additional fuel reserves too. Especially if you used the scanning frigates, as they have a pretty damn big cargo bay to start with.

edit: one thing to consider, unfit the small modules (5/10m3 and such) and replace them with heavier modules.

:thinking: Why not just use courier wraps? Totally forgot about that option too.

■■■■ lol, I’d love to see the look on someone’s face if that showed up in a killmail…

“…the ■■■■ is he doing fitting 1400 howitzers, a full rack of LSEs and a full rack of 1600 plates to a thrasher?!”

Hmm… you mean, give it to an alt, then courier contract it to my main, then when I get there, either deliver/return or just fail the contract? That might work. Way more convenient too.

Plastic wraps’ are able to change names as well, so easy labeling.

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