Adding Modules to ships

Why have CCP not thought of the idea of letting players add modules to their ships which can be purchased from the Market???

For example you could make the Orca bigger by adding a Module which would extend the cargo hold etc,

I think it would work wonders for the game!



You already can

It’s called “Expanded Cargohold” try searching the market for it


I think he means NES?

something like this! Orca with an extra cargo module

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I don’t think that could actually be called a “module” more like an attachment.

a module would be expanded cargohold II.

lol wtf

ok maybe module is the wrong word… expandable extension lol

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I think subsystems already fill this role with t3 cruisers. Otherwise they arent needed really cause of balance. I do think making your ship look different based off fitting would be cool tho.

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Very much this lol.

OP, the technical reason your idea won’t work is in the database structure. Repackaging the ship would destroy the customization.

That said, all this would do even if it were possible is increase power creep.

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So that way I could finally have a “titan” that is bigger than everyone else’s and go on a roam in Delve and fly my bigger than everyone else’s “titan” back to highsec after I am done?


inb4 1110 km long Iteron Mark MCX because my e-spaceship is longer than yours :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


I’m more interested in what happens at 5000+km… you know, once part of your ship is off grid from the rest of it.

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I think the grid gets extended, sometimes I can see ships from 15K+ km distance but by default not.

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Worth experimenting. Should ask jita to line up in freighters (1 bil cargo min), conga style. Everyone locks the farthest people on either side that they can lock to ensure the server knows we’re doing something strange.

(and then Code and Goons each pick a side, and see who gets to the middle first).

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What? Its like saying if you fit nanofibers ur Amarr ship should look like a minmatar ship…

That’d be an awesome sight to behold

Indeed, I envision it like the Monolith from Space Odyssey. There should be a thematic music made just for sighting one of these Iterons. :open_mouth:

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Oh the ganks…

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