Intergrated Ship Modifications

Hi Gang, tis the Drogon again.

wanted to throw another idea at this wonderful community of ours and as i type this i am being notified to “this idea is similar to these other threads” five are being listed. which is interesting but lets see where this goes.

so as some of you know i’m a big advocate for bounty hunting, especially those who fly with me and listen to me go on about it on comms :stuck_out_tongue:

a conversation I’ve had many times in the past is that there are no ships specifically designed for bounty hunting, but due to the nature of bounty hunting and needing to constantly be changed or to switch ships this could be an issue, its very hard to narrow down a ship role, unless the ship’s role was to increase your bounty pay out or standings with agents, but i digress, thats a serperate conversation.

so I was posting about how the repair service should perhaps give some kind of bonus for using it and also the ship should take time to repair. the idea being if there’s meant to be people on stations, repair work will take time and if it takes time it should then be better than being tethered at a station. the concept being that quality craftsmanship is better than a stations automated space based service.

which got me thinking…what if you could take a finished constructed ship and exchange some of your slots on your ship for modules which couldn’t normally be fitted to the ship.

I figured you could use an industry line for this and the repair shop service (this way the repair service also doubles as a ship modification service) so you could just for this example take a manticore stealth bomber and put a jump drive onto it allowing it to jump to cynos to help do bombing runs or other such things.

intergrated modules would allow for people to create interesting aspects and characteristics to their ships and instead of CCP creating new lines of ships for new roles, having modules fitted to a ship could be an interesting dynamic for the player base, this way miners and industrialists could create some kind of aspect to their rorquals, exhumers or other mining ships, while combat pilots can apply awesome modifications to their ships to make them much more lethal in battle to get those kill marks.

given industry changes has been released based off of the triglavian stuff and soon all the blue prints will be re-worked to encorporate all these new manufactured goods. I figured having unique player specific ships would be an awesome feature to have. making your ship truly your ship, operating in the way you work it.

obviously any modifications would take away permenantly from the ships Capacitor & CPU and probably permenantly remove one or more slots of equal quality in a ship or perhaps remove two rigging slots or something.

anyway i’m curious to see what you guys have to say on it.

I have a feeling this will help give the players a much more customiseable feel towards their ships
“this is my ship, there are many ships, but this one is mine

Modifications to ships to allow them to use modules they otherwise wouldn’t be able to use, you say?

Sounds like a balancing headache to me, one that removes roles from ships. You want more unique ships, but I’m afraid this will do the opposite.

Instead of using specific ship X to do Y, you can now grab any ship to do Y, because you can modify your ship to fill the role originally only allowed to ship X. Naturally, people will find a ship Z to be better than X when modified, so now everyone neglects some specialised ships when other ships can do it better.

EVE has a lot of different ships with different specialisations. If you hand out those specialisations to any ship (even at the cost of some CPU/PG), we will see less ship diversity in space, not more.

If this goes through, I’m putting a jump drive on my DST. Those jump freighters are way too expensive.:yum:


thats true, there would obiously probably have to be some form of nerfing or out right restrictions on certain ships capabilities.

no bastion modules or assault modules.

but things like intergrated cloaking devices, perhaps you could use modifications to have upgrades to CPU/Power to fit more demanding things.

probably would be best if the “modification modules” we’re produced similar to subsystems on T3 ships. and you could use those modules on certain ships, have them made in different sizes so they’re applicable across all races. might make it easier to balance.

edit: looking back at my previous comments, i did say “allow them to use moduls which they wouldn’t normally be able to use”

i would like to clarify and specify that my intention behind this is being able to add “modification modules” to a ship which gives it an ability. an example of this is a jump drive.

naturally given the ship is not normally designed for a jump drive, there would be a reduction in a variety of aspects such as power grid/ cpu and cargo space (to make space for the fuel bay)

perhaps it could only be good for 2 jumps depending on skills, with a longer cool down and perhaps 2/3rds of the normal range. giving it that cool ability to do things outside of its standard design feature.

Edit 2: the idea behind this is to cosmetically fly the ships you want while having the function you want them too. example i am looking at flying black op’s ships, i am a caldari, and i can’t stand the look of the widow, but i’ll fly the ever loving crap out of a panther because it looks way better. i’d rather be able to modify a gun boat to use missiles instead.

how many times have people been on their respective comms and gone “oh yeah i want to fly this type of ship, but this one just looks better”

Organic Ships!

-1 for reasons already stated by others.

you should really read the reply also XD

I wouldn’t go that far with the concept.

something much more along the lines of

taking a standard off the shelf ship and then modifying it for your own personal tastes. there is already a system in place for some kind of modifications in T3 ships

it is my understanding that these modifications can be removed safely

the idea here would be to provide your ship to the repair service in a station along with your modification module of choice and they will intergrate a modification into a ship. giving your ship a much more unique flavor.

i believe the modifications work on a point value system, so you could easily create a series of lower teir modifications based on the point value system and also would be more applicable for T3 ships also.

it is more about increasing the variety of ships, additionally you could have a trade off that just a like a T3 ship, whatever your modification is, you loose skill points in that skill. which means suddenly if you fly a standard ship which has been fitted with an intergrated modification there is a greater risk of loss. meaning that death will have some meaning to some pilots

the idea is that even though you can fit a ship any which way you like, but you can also have something more personal on the ship which is meaningful to you as a pilot.

skins for example if you buy them are not one ship specific, if you buy a rifter skin, you have it for all rifters.

this will help create a more “personalised” vessel.

fitting a jump drive modification could be a very cool option for some ships, naturally certain classes of ships would have an assigned point value, certain mods can then not be put on certain ships based on how many modification points that vessel has. this would counter act exploiting certain builds.

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