Choosing ship bonus

A lot ships don’t get used because they don’t have the right combo of bonuses for what is needed. What if you could add an iteam in manufacturing that would allow you to change one of the bonuses. This would be like adding a lot of new ships to the game.

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You’re describing modules.

Like if you want to add ~25% projectile dps, it’s a gyrostabiliser.
25% shield resistance is a shield hardener.


Sounds more like Nanocores from Echoes where the player gets to pick one primary attribute from several options.

Sounds like Eve Echoes gave a fancy name to modules.

There is no point in this idea. First off there are modules. But really your complaint is that the ship bonuses themselves are needing to be adjustable.

If ships were an extremely expensive and rare commodity that would make sense.

However in Eve it’s trivial to just get a different ship that has the right bonuses for the job.

Customizing ship hull bonuses would just render them as vanilla ships just for looks and then any ship becomes any configuration.

At that point you might as well just get rid of all ships and just have one ship in the game for each size. Then you customize it.

Then you get into skills needed for the customizations likely racial for each racial weapon, tank type, etc.

See where I’m going? The game ends up the same. Just instead of buying/training lots of different hulls for different jobs you buy/train different customizations. Waste of dev time to completely revamp the game for no benefit.

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