Suggestion: Designing ships

Each type of race has their own ship design and style. So why dont we look at ways to design ships, per individual alliance bases?

it could be set up where each ship has a few types of sections of the ship. From here you’d drag and drop the module graphic into the ship and the different modules would render graphics accordingly to what module you dropped.

some set of logic etc would be applied and modules built in ways they worked well with each other.
Some modules can be build in game, others sold on the eve market place.

as for the slot configurations we can set it up so that you are just modifying the ships graphics. the base hull type can be selected, but only the graphical part modified accordingly.

It could be possible but for titans and maybe capitals only.

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Absolutely not. A “design your own ship” system is almost guaranteed to be game-breakingly overpowered. This is not a risk you even consider taking unless you want to kill your game.

(This of course means that CCP will be adding it soon, for the low price of 50000 PLEX per ship. Add another 500 to put a skin on it.)

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To be fair, if they did that as an AT prize then it may work for that price.

And, on second reading, if you’re talking about an aesthetic-only option that lets you create the visual model of a ship, that’s even less likely than getting to create the stats. Making a system of parts that can assemble in all those different configurations without graphics errors, poor fit, etc, would require an immense amount of work. Even T3 cruisers, with their fairly limited set of model components, were a lot of work and caused long-term problems when CCP decided to upgrade the graphics. It’s way too much work for something that would be of fairly limited value.

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Letting players completely design their own ships with stats and everything would result in a ship with the power of a Titan in the size of a shuttle, never going to happen. While designing the visuals may seem like it would be okay, Star Trek Online had a contest years ago where people could send in and vote for how the next enterprise would look, the company itself would handle stats. It was a complete mess with a final result that was okay but not what the players voted for or (from what I’ve heard) the company really wanted either. The company said that they will never do anything like that again and have hinted there were legal/contract issues that made it messy. Since then they’ve had a similar contest where they designed a number of ships and let the players vote which once out of those they want to see implemented in the game. However they have never accepted, or even requested, contributions from players on ship designs from scratch.

That’s what putting restrictions on the stats is for.

In which case, you get strategic cruisers.

3D Modeler texture artist and been tinkering on some designs myself

It would be more options than that, that’s why I suggested that it be an AT prize.

not going to happen…
You would almost have to redesign the game for something like this.

Have you ever played FASA’s AeroTech or BattlSpace games?
Or Renegade Legion for PC?

Either way you need that level of complexity and rules for construction design to have a proper ‘let player design his/her own ship’

All that needs to happen is allow AT winners to design a Re-skin of their favorite ship and follow the same balance guidelines as CCP does for AT ships

T3 cruisers.

From a stat form it’s going to be a balancing nightmare (just like t3’s) and you already mod your ship with mods, rigs and implants.

Aesthetically it’s a nightmare for the art team who have to work on every individual piece every time ccp want to upgrade graphics. This is one of the reasons t3 cruisers had their subsystems reduced.

Again, t3 cruisers do everything you’re mentioning.

It’s not a balancing guideline. They make it up, play test. Maybe tweak it, then roll it out. AT ships are not balanced against other ships. Not even other AT ships.

No, you’d have a min/maxed fits for whatever role, and very few people would fly anything different, just like strategic cruisers.

Well then couldn’t the alliance(s) design the ship’s stats and after CCP looks at it and it looks reasonable, they play test it.

There wouldn’t be enough in the game for many people to fly though. I said like an AT prize so about 50 or so in the game.

I just want to point out that it isnt some kind of requirement that you put out a new and crappy idea every single day, take a few days, months, YEARS! off, we wont mind a bit.

Hmmmm I dont think that would be possible… coz the ship has already a BP from which its is based… anyways yesterday I saw a similar space game like minecraft space game. You could design ships and stuff there . Whic is nice. But… I dont think it works on EvE.
Sounds good doesent work

Thats pretty much what this forum is for.