Design and build your own ships

When can we design and build our own ships?

Hopefully never.

This is what fitting modules is for.
Each hull is a starting template you get to build on.
If you can make your own templates there would very quickly become one hull to rule them all.


Never. This is a common request and the answer is that any “build your own ship” system will be virtually impossible to balance and end up breaking the game, therefore CCP will only implement it as a F2P cash shop item that costs $100 per ship.

There is a game on steam called Avorion. You can build pretty crazy things with its editor, given you spend a bit of time learning how to use it first.

Maybe that’s what you are looking for.

T3 Cruisers are as close as well get to customising the fitting slots and attributes of a ship; and CCP aren’t likely to introduce more of that.

There’s an issue beyond just the fitting and attributes that also relates to the graphics. It took a lot of maintenance time for the graphics designers when the T3C had 5 subsystems and part of rationalizing them was not just to make all of the combinations useful, but also to reduce the time required to maintain the textures.

Combined with that, I can’t see CCP being happy about just introducing a generic hull type if they allowed us to design our own ships. They’d want them to look like their is some relationship between the graphic and function. That would require a whole lot more of what they have tried to minimise.

Try “Space Engineers”, have been playing ever since I “won” Eve.

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