Allow people to create there own ships by making a new factory

so. many alphas wanna drive there own kind of ship. I HAVE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION
Introducing the creating Facilities!

you can create your own kind of vessel and it will only require spaceship command 1 but can be no bigger than a dreadnought (so it must be a dread or below that you create)
now these ships can have only 100% advantage in total.
So you can create a ship for lets say your new corp or for war. its all just fun :smiley: and the best part is! ALPHAS CAN DRIVE SUB CAPS OR ABOVE IN THIS
And yes you can put weapons on it if you are wondering just it cant be to op that its fast and is the size of a moros so ya
but you can use a template model

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You realise the amount of work you are trying to implement here? The other day this guy had a nice little idea to make it so manufactured ships have a “Made by X in Y” idea, kinda like how in Pokemon you can see who raised and where the pokemon was born, but then that would completely give a huge amount of unnecessary work because of how they stack right now, they would have to create an entity for every single ship made that would store these variables just for a little niche thing. The same applies here because you want people that can’t fly bigger ships to effectively fly them, which 1) breaks the point of getting skills to fly it and 2) the same thing about stacking up things.

Also, what’s the point of flying a ship when you cannot even use the guns for that ship size? Or even modules to make it properly effective? It’s basically a money sink there because they will blow up Fast.

wait let me edit for a sec

this is not a solution. it’s an idea. and worst, you didn’t spend a single minute on it.

a solution is something that provides the steps necessary for solving a problem. what you did, was writing down ideas for how to design the solution, without actually providing anything that helps creating it.

you have been infected by the WANTSIES. they are known to turn off rational thought, lowering the attention span and are also a known cause for impulse driven behaviour.


Here is my incredible insightful and expert input:



I’m torn between two responses to the OP, so have both.


Zero thought, poorly presented, exploitable as hell; nil pois.



My troll sense is tingling.


Modified Poe’s Law. An idea that’s indistinguishable from trolling.

i’ve made that up, but it fits.


OP this would be impossible to balance and defeat the point of at least half a dozen features. Never gonna happen.


You can design your own ship in Eve - you just can’t design the components it’s made of. If we start with a hull Alphas can fly - say the Gnosis, it has 6 high, 6 mid, 6 low and 3 rig slots. To keep the mental arithmetic easy, I’ll assume there are 10 different things you can put in each slot. So 10 for the first slot, 10x10 for the second, 10x10x10 for the third and so on. The number of different ships you can design starting with the Gnosis hull is immense. They won’t all be equally useful!

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If you think of ship designs such as the TIII cruisers your idea could be based around the modules for those ships.

You would get a base hull package and could lay out the configuration of the wingy bits how ever you wanted to.

The wingy bits would be similar to Hi, Medium and Low slots and rig slots on the ship. You would get so many slots for the hull, engine, and bridge as well as slots on the ‘wings’.

Some of the wingy bits could be hoses and exhaust ports or antennae. Some other wingy bits that you could buy would be marker lights and observation ports just to name a few.

Once finished building your ship you simply click configure and the ship comes together.

Of course your design would cost roughly 1,000 Plex for a cruiser, 1,500 for a battlecruiser and 2,000 for a battleship.

You could even pay to have a BPO made of your ship for your another 500 Plex if you wanted too.


Thought doesn’t run deep in your pod does it?

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This is one of the worst ideas I think I have ever seen.
if the suggested ships would be created according to stats the player chooses, they would be impossible to balance.
even if its a purely cosmetic change on pre-existing hulls. it would require a massive amount of work just to design the systems and all the various parts, and place a massive burden on the server as it needs to keep track of each and every unique design, and then render them live in space. we don’t even have player created skins yet, and this suggestion would be 100x more difficult and resource intensive to implement. it would probably start melting servers during large fleet fights, why do you hate the server hamsters that much? please stop making them cry!


amount of work…

That statement does not even touch what really designing a ship would entail…

I remember a board game, Battlespace (Battletech universe) it could take you literally hours to design a custom built ship with all the right stuff.

Engines, Powerplant, electronics, hangar doors, cargo space, crew quarters, life support, weapons, ammo bays, number of decks, small craft decks, drone bats, fighter decks/bays, marine barracks, security systems, computer cores, targeting systems, structural integrity changes, vector thrusters, ramps, fuel pumps, fuel pods/bays, having to figure out operational time lengths/costs based on fuel and such, kitchens, food, water, oxygen…sheesh…

Renegade Legion was much simpler, a tactical 1 player game from late 80’s but even it could take time to design something and test it to get it right…that means proto-types…

Nope im happy with industry as is.

Considering some of your previous posts I suggest you look somewhat closer to home for examples of shallow thinking.

Scissors technique anybody?

Excuse me, can you tell me how you come up with these numbers?

A friend of mine once said i should make fun of him for this, but i wondered what the hell female sexual practises have to do with it EVE. I bet more people know what i’m refering to, compared to what you’re refering to… :grin:

lol, probably. C&P denizens will know what I’m referring to, some of the antiganking tactics that Dryson spouts off about are deep in the realms of fantasy.


Not going to happen.

Eve is not designed in such a way which would make this viable. Everything is standardised.

Aside from that, balance would be insane to get.


Confirming. DrysonBennington is a troll that has been around for awhile.

He has this thing where he will put out ideas that are “conceptually broken” but then mixes it together with a few “reasonable” thoughts so it seems plausible and/or rational.

Or he adds “fuel to the fire” on obviously broken ideas and openly asks why we bash ideas.

And, just to ■■■■ with us every so often, he will throw out a perfectly reasonable idea with reasonable merits. :expressionless: