Improving Alpha clones

Wit the coming of the new game focus on free to play. The game comunity as grow o lot. Corps gained more beef to their batle and mining fleets.
But there is a problem. The model it is too oriented to battle play. So the industrial option its very limited and the social one too. 20 milions of skilll points are awfully a lot at the begining but whit a very little inversion of time a lot of players could grow to its limits.
Maybe a limit of 50 milions skill points and an opening of the industrial, research and the posibility of make a corporation of a hundred players will give the sistem economics a furter expansion.
Today a awfull lot of games are growing in free to play modes. They are bankroled beacuse its events and services.
So CCP can also adapt to the model, making a slow impass to it. Maintaining omega mode as a power training and keeping the best and newest ships as a premium feature. Also selling skills stractors and alpa injectors as a premium feature. Also premium skins on the list.

They are specifically blocked because things like Industry scale massively with alts, and don’t need you to be logged in.
CCP would have to implement some form of active only gameplay to allow alpha’s access to industry, research otherwise you just make infinite alts.

Corps, if you want to be making a larger corp, become an Omega. If you aren’t committed enough to EVE to go Omega even through Plex you have no place trying to run a decent sized corp.


You can turn omega found the god dam corp to the size you want and go back alpha. So it is redundant. Industy and research have that patern too. So it is redundant again. it is not a trouble of comitment. It is a theme of opening the game a bit more. If you like it you buy omega, and keep speed training and using the more specific or powerfull starships.

It is my point. I can become a omega Full time. But i also liked the new players influx. I used to play until 8 years ago and the truoble of main acount has to do whit national policies on the online gaming that baned not only eve online. But when the game opened up again I come back off my work to play again whit the utmost joy. And i could tell you the diference new players realy maked it livelier. Sum to that the steam suport and you have other great influx of players of Europe, U.S.A. and Sout America.

Alpha’s do not need to be at 50 mil SP, much less doing industry outside of the venture. Alpha was designed to be an upgrade from the 2 week trial. Under the trial, you couldn’t train much of anything without upgrading to the full game play.

I’m actually glad to see the Alpha’s are losing L4’s and L5’s. If you want the full experience of the game, you should be omega. Otherwise you are basically telling CCP, “i don’t care about your game enough to pay to play, or pay you for making the game”

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You are free to see it that way. But i tell you, Plex is faling down and tere is a lot less movemen than in the old times. The PvP has fallen and the economics are less fluid and the battles have become lesser.
Thre is a lot of new games wit the same tematic than EVE. Worse for now but growing and learning and they are geting cloose. True thanks to God there is not gona be another no man skies but there are a lot of other options
CCP had done a wonderfull work wit this game and i love it. But the game its geting contested and they had been forced to put in a litlle ftp mode.
So I too invested quite the coin and time in the game. But what I am telling you they will have to change again and there is a lot off maners to improve the dinamics and bringing new players witout losing the quality. Expanding the alphas contents it is one not the only one but one.

If PVP has fallen then why is destruction up.

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What? Can I buy some of these cheap PLEX?

None of them have our kind of developed and working economy and none of them get even close to the amount of realism EVE provides. EVE isn’t comparable with other space games just because they’re space games.

What’s wrong with your typing?

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My argument to the alpha thing is scrap it alltogether. This game should never have gone alpha, and CCP should have listened to people who were begging them to make changes that would retain players by improving the core game experience. Too many people have come to EVE from other MMO’s and promptly left because they had wardecs shoved up their ass and forced into doing things they didn’t want to do. So instead of fighting against it, they simply left and took their money with them. Now CCP has gotten into this money grab mentality because well, the player base is shrinking and they needed a way to suck more money out of existing players. It’s sad.

So IMO, Alpha needs to disappear. Plex needs to disappear. Extractors/Injectors need to disappear. It all needs to go away and EVE needs to go back to the subscription format, while at the same time giving standard MMO players a platform to actually want to stick with the game.

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