Alpha Characters Starting Corporations

Right now, there is a skill cap for alpha players for corporation management. While I understand that this might be to limit ghost accounts or to force prospective managers to pony up, wouldn’t it make more sense just to to add a detriment or negative buff so it would eventually be an economic decision to buy plex anyways, so alphas can experience corp management of more than ten players but still discourages ghost accounts and encourages alphas to upgrade to omegas? Let me know if I’m missing something here.

It’s a very simple system: alphas have access to these x skills, and do not have access to these y skills. The skills unlock certain ships and modules, and the ships / modules provide the “actions” that you can do in-game, as well as buffs and detriments. So the skills ultimately limit everything, possible activities, buffs, detriments, the works… And it’s tuned just so, to entice you to Omega.

You are proposing that CCP make a more complicated system of “detriments” and “negative buffs” that aren’t attached to modules, or even characters, but are applicable / attached to the entire account’s payment system, in order to let you do more things without having to go Omega. Your personal preference is corp management, others want industry, PI, mining barges, etc.; there are many threads.

But, the whole point of the system is to entice you to go Omega.

Being a CEO is a lot of hard work, and there are enough shitty corps in the game as it is; personally I wouldn’t want to add more corps that are crappy because the CEO is not committed.


I know the point is to entice people to go Omega, but even the devs said that they were turning way more people off to the game before they even experience most of it with the current Alpha system(hence the changes). It would be easier to make a decision to go Omega if they see a plausible way for it to benefit them(because they already have one), and not a pipe dream of a Corporation.

Hence the unlocking of more skills to give the variety Alphas currently lack. It was turning people away because they were being forced to roll an entirely new character to get another faction’s ships which does not properly portray how things are in eve. Now my personal views are they should still not gain access to pirate since the goal is to give variety, not power, but regardless this change alone should see a noticeable increase in retention.

Related to what Memphis pointed out, why would anyone want to follow a leader that isn’t committed to the game and could walk away at any moment? Add to that the sheer lack of game knowledge, it would literally be the blind leading the blind in a game where knowledge is everything.

Well, having hung around in the beginner systems out of pure boredom, I think some newbies will follow you for 15k isk and an empty promise(personal experience). Also, knowledge wise, I do think that it doesn’t take an in-depth perception of Eve economics and a rocket science degree to go out and mine/explore with your buddies.

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The corporation management skill allows 20 members per level and I’m willing to bet that most corps in Eve have fewer than 20 members. An Alpha is the perfect CEO for a holding corp, executor corp of an alliance or a small group of friends who want the option of dropping to an NPC corp when wardecced.

If the corp grows to more than 20 members, I’d guess your’re getting $11.00 worth of entertainment value each month and this can reasonably be put behind the paywall.

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Which does not at all qualify a person as a good leader. In fact I’d say those who bribe their members to join are likely going far more harm than good as the members of their corp likely share very little in common and the corp itself has little to no cohesion or actual leadership to instruct or guide them.

Corps, the successful ones, are far more than just a group of friends that gravitate around a single activity. While that’s good for a small group of friends, that is not how an actual corp functions. Even small corps in eve typically branch out past just simple mining or solely pvp. Your CEO/leadership needs to be dedicated, knowledgeable, and available - especially in a newbro corp where your members need guidance.

The #1 thing that effects player retention are the people newbros surround themselves with. Which is why I can state as a fact that corps which recruit then ignore their newbro members are far more damaging to this game’s player retention than anything else. As much as some wish to point at high sec ganking or war decs as being at fault because they were never taught or even looked into how to handle these situations themselves then went off to try to lead others.

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So just have someone with higher skills create the corp then make the alpha CEO, the corp max size isn’t updated automatically only when you click to update it :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, thanks

Can’t stress this enough. I have made ample corps for others with max skills and know I’m not the only one.

In fact, you don’t even need corp management skills. Simply have someone create the corp, join the corp, them have that person leave. They will be forced to give you CEO to you even if you do not have the skill. The. So long as you don’t update the corp, you can stay as CEO with the corp set to the other person’s skill level.

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