Starting a corp with Alpha Clone

An alpha can only have corp management trained to level 1 allowing for a max of 20 players.

But let’s say I upgrade the alpha to omega and train to level 2 (40 players). I then take in 25 players.

And then I downgrade to Alpha . Can I continue to take in an additional 15 new players? Or am I capped at 20?

I was under the impression that Alpha clones can’t start corporations. Have you gone all the way through the corporation application process?

See for all the details.


  • Corporations with a CEO that lapses to the Alpha clone status will not see any changes as a side effect.
  • Alpha clones can create corporations.

As long as you dont update the corp to match the current ceo, whoever takes over as ceo and updates the member size with their skills, will remain when a lesser ceo takes over

went form 11 to 44 as an aplha because i had omgea skills and updated like 50 times so yes it works

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