Corporation member limit for alpha corps

Hey guys!

Two alpha clones playing for two weeks (thats us!) came up with the idea to create a corp for alpha clones, where newbie alphas can have exciting adventures and do things they could not do alone.

We want to embrace the alpha life as it is, especially with the changes coming in december, but our corporation management skill tops out at 1, limiting our corp to 20 members (by the wiki, actually the game shows me a limit of 10 right now). This is not really what we have imagined and it is a roadblock what we could not overcome.

I would suggest to include a higher level of this skill in the skill package what will be made avalable for alpha clones in one of the future changes.

Thank you for reading


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Alphas can train Corporation Management level 1 which allows 20 members. If you want more members - sub the CEO for a month, train a few levels of Corp Management, update with current skills, then lapse the account - as long as you don’t update skills the higher limit will be maintained.

20 members seems pretty genrous to me for alpha accounts :dancing_men:

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or just find a friend who has it trained up and have him update with his skills

That works too!

I wish member limit was flat for everyone and not skill related.

Thank you all for reading my topic and giving your opinion. The community is really helpful here!

I think it would be great if at least one more rank of this skill would be added to the new alpha skill set.

Seriously, if you like this game enough to want to run a 20+ person sized corp… pony up some green!!!

Alpha is supposed to give you a taste to see if you like the game or not.

Someone even gave you a solution…

  1. Pay for 1 month subscription for CEO
  2. CEO train CorpMgmt all month.
  3. Refresh mgmt button in corp at end of month
  4. let CEO drop back to Alpha
  5. Profit

That’s like $15
Get everyone in corp to PAYPAL you 75c each, if you are too cheap to stump up yourself.

Corporations can tax bounties and that’s about the only decent revenue source for Alphas given the industrial skill restrictions. Basic corp services like mining boosts and loot buyback will require Omega skills and a reasonable amount of working capital - without those services, why would anyone join the corp? Even with them, relatively few Eve corporations grow beyond 20 characters - and most of them are probably ALTS!

give me a yell, I can come in and update your corp and youll be able to have over 10k

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Thank you for your offer, you are very kind.

Thank you for your answer, you bring up very good points. So all in all you see no point in making a corp run purely by alpha clones as this corp will be much less desired by any player?

Honestly I thought alphas couldn’t have their own corp, because of the coolest things in eve is having your own corp in terms of narrative.
In any other game you would have a corp function behind the paywall, and when you do you don’t get 3 members, 5 or 10 or 15, but 20 which sounds small numbers but any other game which is free to play you would got none, 0 :caribbean_netherlands:

Corporations are communities and will need some shared purpose to be successful. That purpose might be social, educational, industrial, military - it really doesn’t matter as long as it gives members a reason to belong.

One of the most important services a corporation can provide new players is mentoring. The learning curve in Eve is brutal and the instruction manual exists between the ears of veteran players.

Under no circumstances would I recommend starting a corporation (other than a personal ALT corp) unless you have management experience in another Eve corporation. It’s not hard to get that experience if you can invest the time and have (real life) leadership skills. Most corporations in Eve are looking for people who can fill management roles.

Guys, I cannot stress how thankful I am for your opinions. What started out as a “player suggestion/idea” became a learning experience for me.

I was very enthusiastic for this corporation, but if it is not such a good idea after all, maybe better to park it for a while, or let it go at least in its current form.

Thank you all again for helping me out.


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