Removal of corp member amount mechanic

My idea is quite simple, remove the corp member amount these skills give and make corp have x number of members. example what would be maxed if you had perfect skills.

No one trains these skills. They are literally worthless. Usually, you just bring in one random guy who decided it was fun training those skills or pay a random dude who has these skills to increase the cap and then never update max member amount ever again.

It is a dead horse mechanic. Put some other bonus in place so people get them. Like reducing office cost at NPC station, reducing alliance monthly due, something else other than x amount of people can be added to the corp.
You removed the race skill from the list and was a good first step, but you never removed the others wich to me is sad.



I wouldn’t mind seeing skills to be trained by the corp to replace the player skills.

You close corp skills are lost. Corp Size, and some corp social skills would be nice.

its simpler, enforce the present ceo’s skill cap.
give warning about the change then remove the most recent to join toons that take the corp over the limit
this would also force a ceo toon to remain omega toon

skill extractors make the skills particularly pointless. train up the skills as high as you want, upgrade member count, and then extract them.

I don’t mind the idea of the corp “training” the skill, in the sense of the corp max member count growing over time at aprox the same rate that the current skills train.

In regards to the corp training skills itself, what if you have more people wanting to start a corp than the initial max allowed? You just have to wait before everyone can join?

How is that even remotely a good mechanic? Can anyone tell me one good thing about tieing membership to a skill?

I also like the idea of corp trained skills. At the very least it would reward groups that don’t constantly drop and reform corps.

Not sure what sort of skills would work for this and not unbalance thins though.

The balance game is the worst part, but they could always just start with membership skills and work up.

It takes like a week to develop the skills to have a corp which can host a few hundred people.

Corp Management is 20 people per level.
Megacorp management is +100 per level. Takes a few days to train into those.

Big thing on top of corp skills they need alliance overhaul and maybe skills related to alliances as well which limit the number of corps, tax’s etc.

You didn’t answer the question.

Why should it take a week? Why should it even take a second? What meaningful game play is there in making people wait to be in a corp when they are ready now?

Your question was based on people wanting to start up a corp. Not people wanting to join an already built corp.

And I replied that it took very little time to get more than a handful of people into the corp via training skills. So, I believe I did answer your first question. Now I didn’t answer you 2nd question

because I generally feel that EVE is suppose to have choice. And your choice should have reactions. So if you and a handful of mates want to start a corp it should take all of like an hour to get you and your 5 fap buddies in corp.
Now if you remove corp limits, you get groups like Goonswarm, that just cram everyone into one corp. Think corporations in the 30-75k member marks, b/c that is what will happen. The big blocs would just swallow up more and more players making for less and less available content for the game. We already have to many groups forming a blue donut…

Personally I would look at maxing corporation membership to say 1000 members. And then alliances would be caped at say 10 corporations. That way we have the opportunity to see more people go - "we don’t have enough content. Lets unblue each other and blow ■■■■ up!"
Rather than the current state that is Goons, PanFam or Test

Why should they wait an hour? Makes no sense at all.

‘no you can’t join, you have to wait for our ceo to train more skills. But he’s training carriers right now so its gonna be a while’

And what’s wrong with large corps? If thousands of players WANT to be in a single corp in goons then why not let them? And you’re plain stupid if you think this will spread members to different groups. What stops goons injecting alts to form goon2, goon3 etc and then alliance1, alliance2 etc etc. Why do you think limits will mean blocs suddenly attack eachother? That again is literally baseless.

You still haven’t answered the question. Why should anyone have to wait any time at all before joining the corp they WANT? What good gameplay is there in forcing players to train skills for corp membership?

By having limits you only ■■■■ over newer players and those who don’t have alts. And you can’t tell me why this would be good for the game because it plain isn’t on any level. You’re just getting in the way of player freedom.

Let’s see - if you moved the membership skills to the corp, it wouldn’t be oh we have to wait on the CEO to train it first. You want it to be instant. Fine, cap corporations at 1000 people each then.

Also it is all part of the game balance.
Reason why a bunch of smaller groups are better IMO to one large group is content. If everyone became a Goon, who do you plan on fighting? It becomes much harder for a player to micro-manage 10 groups than one group. More groups = more content. This has been proven through out EVE’s life, because generally these big groups end up blue donuting all of Null-sec and then they sit around flying in super carriers making dank 260 million ISK TICKs. And then they go to Reddit and bitch about how they have no content.
Conflict is driven my groups willing to fight each other and you don’t get that kind of content when everyone is in one of three massive power blocs like we currently have. Those big groups might have fights, but how often do we see fights in the thousands of players vs fights in the tens or hundreds of players?
Those big fights with like 2-5k players might happen a handful of times a year. While smaller fights of 500 minus happen every week.

Does that answer you question? Just be warned, if CCP ever let there be no limits to corporations population, then EVE Online would die soon after.

Edit: my main spent like a week and can host 400 characters in a corp. I can’t think of any group I have been in that has an active 400 people in it. And new players are not getting screwed over, they are not losing any player freedoms. Most of them should not be allowed to start up their own corp in the first place. I personally think making a corporation and an alliance should be much much harder and costly.
Oh those darn Marmite guys war-deced us. Let’s close corp and start a new one. EVE Online is “you logged on and thus you have consented to player vs player action.” If that means you got war-deced, HTFU and ether find a group you can fly with and fight back or go play My Little Pony Adventure for a week.
I am disappointed that things have gotten all “touchy feely” of late because everyone seems to want to just experience life while sucking on their mom’s tit and not grow up. EVE is not just a game, it is a hobby and all hobbies take time.

So sit back and stop being salty that you and your fap buddies have to wait an hour to be in the same corp.

Edit 2: just Incase you messed it. The Why? CONTENT: big groups don’t provide daily content the same way smaller groups do.

I’m with the OP. Just remove corp limits and rejig the skills for something interesting.

Restricting corp/alliance size does not cause conflict. It just means more sub-groups in a bloc (blocs already organise outside of eve’s corp/alliance structure). Can you tell me one fight that happened because of corp membership limits? You say it’s been proven through out eves life. But haven’t demonstrated how it actually leads to more conflict.

You think its a good thing to make it hard to manage players? That’s so pants-on-head-ass-backwards. Our retention problem comes from players that don’t join groups, not the other way round. We need to make it as easy as possible to manage players to encourage players to actually join corps and interact with eachother. The players that join the big allainces actually stay!

You’re right that a lot of corps shouldn’t exist. But hard limits on corp size will be an unnecessary hurdle to the best content creators in the game (rvb, brave, eve uni, goons, panfam, Test etc) especially brave, a corp that was created by new chars for new chars.

There are far better ways to manage the hordes of meaningless corps:

  • Social corps
  • Increase corp fee
  • Take the leash of wardecs (especially seeing as the vast majority of poorly run corps are in hi-sec)

Aside from making it cost more, how about limiting corp skills to omega players? This way each corp would need at least one omega player as CEO.

Many old players stay in their rookie corps because they like to help new people. Even with the tutorial getting better, a lot of information is still hidden. One of the reasons I’m still in my corp is because I like to help new people. If you would force people to leave the rookie corps after a while, no one really could help new people. What would be more probable if you wouldn’t be able to get help from the starter corp: find a player corp and be a noob there, or simply drop the game?
Also 7-10 years old character seem to be more credible than someone who is 1 day older than you.

Personally I would like if people could keep their access to their starter corps. This would allow them to keep helping new people while being part of a larger group.

Not allowing alphas to start a corp is another needless restriction. Being a good corp leader isn’t dependant on your subscription level.

Noobs can get help from help chats (so their corp doesn’t matter). There are literal volunteers in such channels. But no one is forcing players out of npc corps anyways. Just encouraging them because there is more engaging gameplay outside of npc corps (CAS are an exception).

So everyone should just join: Goons, PanFam or Test basically. That would cover all our needs with out restrictions.

Corporations and Alliances need work, but we won’t see a rework tell the POS is on its last leg, as most of the controls are built into the POS code. Probably should revisit this topic in 10 years.

Everyone who wants to join goons and pan fam should be allowed to (subject to recruitment) rather than be restricted by arbitrary limits.

I don’t think its long for pos’s now and i do believe corps and alliances are next in queue. I personally cannot wait.

I’ve been waiting for Corp and Alliance overhaul since before I was ejected from my mother’s YAHOO. And come Wednesday, this sack meat has been roaming the earth for 30++ years. So I’ve been waiting long while. . . Soon™ will be soon™