Corporation revamp

Corporation in Eve were always part of the coop game play. But the way the system works right now is just advocacy for stagnation of the game. And there is a lot of stagnation in the game right now.

a) Players stay in dead or totally inactive corporation not to mess up their “employment history”.

b) Players stay in caustic corps in order to avoid messing up their “employment history”.

c) Players stay in corps that do not have much drive to advance as a core player group in order to avoid messing up their “employment history”.

d) Players stay in corps even if the CEO has not showed up for months in order to avoid messing up their “employment history”.

e) Players stay in corps even if the corp has not done one corp event in month in order to avoid messing up their “employment history”.

f) Players that made the mistake of messing up their “employment history” are being rejected by corps labelled as “corp hoppers”. That mistake will confine you into solo playing for a while or can even burn your character. Yet this happens a lot in Eve. The common error of corp jumping is that players think they will progress faster in the game thinking the grass is greener elsewhere while it’s the skilling system that creates this rather boring grind in Eve.

g) One player corporation should not even exist in Eve. A cap to 5 players or even 10 players should be instated. Traders might say “Well I need my corp to do this or that”. Well then recruit players to deliver your market contract deliveries. Move your butt in this game other than just watch graphics of the market all day.

h) NPC corps should not even exist. You want to solo fine but you will be alone or join a player corp. NPC corps are so useless since nobody talks or chat in them. NPC corp are a useless structure of the game. Being alone and do solo playing will motivate players to seek joining a corp. In fact NPC corps creates among player this stigma they can be in a corp while not be in one for real.

The only real downside is spying one corp over another by sending peeps into a corp. But this happens anyway regardless of “employment history”. And by the way EVE is one of these rare game if not the only one I can think that has this stupid “employment history” function and it is of little use compared to all the disadvantages it introduce in the game especially stagnation of the game. The disadvantages out ways by far any advantage of this feature of the game.

What good there is if players that have made mistakes in their past “employment history” leave the game. Who pays for the game server and the salary of the devs? Devs of the game and the publisher should do everything possible to keep players in the game and get players to pay for monthly accounts. Doing the opposite is vain and stupid. Why do you manage a game just to see your paying accounts leave the game is beyond my comprehension. And this happens a lot in Eve. And considering the skilling system some leave for good vowing to never return to the game.

I could list more of this stuff about corps. But upon these summary considerations the “employment history” should be taken out of the game. A cap of minimal players should be adopted when creating a corp. NPC corps should be abolished period.

And if CCP wakes up and listen to what I wrote a lot of dead corps will disappear and a lot of new corps will rise. Players who stagnate in NPC corps or in dead player corps will seek new asylum in new player corps and uni player corps will disappear. Player corps CEO’s will have to be dynamic to keep their corp mates and this will benefit the game as a whole.

My Grand-Father had a business for fifty years and he told me one day “If you loose one client you loose then more”. This wisdoms in business is not exactly the business plan of Eve and CCP as a publisher. When Eve Online was created Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Reddit didn’t existed yet and these days people talk and exchange everywhere on the net. Back then there was just a couple of games on the market but these days good games are legion. So twenty years of seeing paying accounts leave and be closed because of vain and useless game features is the lot of Eve and explains after two decades the state of the game at the moment. The environment of Eve has changed but Eve as a game has not adapted to the changing evolution of the net. There is no in between at this point. Either Eve thrives or disappears because this is what the gaming market dictates at the moment. It’s either success of failure because there is a lot of competition on the gaming market and Eve devs will have to take a real hard look at the game moving forward.

But if CCP wakes up and listen to what I wrote a lot of dead corps will disappear and a lot of new corps will rise. Players who stagnate in NPC corps or dead players corps will seek new asylum in new player corps and uni player corps will disappear. Player corps CEO’s will have to be dynamic to keep their players and this will benefit the game as a whole.

But I know I am writing this in vain and I will just get a bunch of insults from brainless clowns who wonder around in the forums…

After attentively and thoroughly (re-)reading your post, I am left with this one, important question:

did you mess up your employment history ?


And where do people end up that cannot form their own corp but also don’t want to join a player corp?

I fail to see the problem with 1-character-corps in EVE. A boatload of businesses in the real world are 1-people-businesses, and these businesses thrive just fine.

The beauty of EVE is that you can do whatever you want. If you don’t like your corp, you can just leave it, create your own and grow it, or you join another existing corp. The corp history is just a list of milestones of your development. It generally does not prevent you from joining corps, unless your targets feel a justified repulsion against previous employers. It is absolutely fine for corps to know where applicants come from and reject them if they come from known troublemakers.

So, looking at all that, nothing you suggest makes the game better.

Oh, wait, I found a gem:

Another individual who doesn’t realize that the skilling system in EVE is better by an order of magnitude compared to grind based progression system. This rant is completely based on lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of understanding and lack of comprehension of basic gameplay principles of EVE.


For what its worth i agree with your points. I propose that employment histories are hidden by default. And i also propose that NPC corps be closed. New players could instead be seeded to random corps who chose to accept new players. Or better yet have new players be in no corp as you suggested, if possible. Because seeing a pilot in NPC corp is just extremely boring. Having them be in no corp would be a small improvement. Thats all.

Players have to be in a corp, just like all corps have to have an HQ.

It’s not possible, technically, for a character to have no corporation. Just like all deleted corps have their HQ set to Helheim. This is just a reality of the data structure for Eve and changing it would probably be a nightmare.

Also, nobody gives a ■■■■ about their employment history. Most experienced eve players will have dozens of corps in there. Bitter vets have 20 years of corps coming and going. If recruiters are basing admissions on corp history without some actual analysis then those recruiters are fools.


But it is interesting how CCP seems to care alot about appearances, they seem to spend alot of resources on changing 3D models and interiors. But the corp history. Its really ugly for the most part. Why not hide it? The added mystery from something like that is a bonus imo and it gives people more of a feeling and chance to start fresh even with an old character + more

@Rosa_KillRatio That’s right, I don’t want my Employment History marred by a long list of irrelevant corporations. Until I’m recruited into the exact corporation I want to be in then I stay in NPC corporation, not undock and only play the market.

What the hell. Aren’t you projecting your own illogical issues onto player base?

I never met someone who would say, oh I would like to join you, but you know, I don’t want to leave my corp because I would “mess my employment history” lol.

Like, you seriously care about that? Why?

CCP won’t hide it, it is part of their mantra - actions have consequences.

Honestly, it doesn’t have any impact on anything. At best someone will see that this player used to be in his (old) corp and starts a convo. I only check employment history to see if the player is new/old and to gauge his possible strength when engaging him. If there is anything more you can deduce from employment history, please do tell.


Does anybody actually care about their employment history? Raise your hands


No I did not. This post was written out of pure generosity, honesty and sincerity for the game. Since I invest a lot of time in this game I wish for this game to work,

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Some folks want to join our corp but are reluctant because of “employment history” feature. On night in the alliance I was in all that were logged started pounding hard on this random joe in the Alliance who had “corp jumped” a lot and was single out as a traitor. This feature is obsolete and useless. And if you don’t care about the “employment history” you just advocated that it should not even exist. Thank you I didn’t asked for so much…

The “employment history” is a feature of the game is enabling corporation stagnation. Did you even read what I wrote?

Been playing since 2004 there is a lot I realised over the years but thank you for the sanctimonious lesson on Eve skilling system. And I didn’t insisted on the skilling system because my point and focus is the corporation system and employment history feature not the skill three. What I was implying is that it take some time to skill in Even and that is pretty much a very solid fact.

So if all the above is true, why not post “generously, honestly and sincerely” on your main ? Don’t want your threads in your forum history ?

Or perhaps you realized, somewhere between 2004 and today, that making highly controversial threads about core aspects of the game may have consequences ?

Btw, in terms of employment history, the game works fine. Any corporation is as stagnate as its leadership. And if an active leadership doesn’t want to recruit a random joe with a questionable history, good.

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If you are playing since 2004, you should know that 1-character corps are not an issue.

It does not.

Then the corp history did its intended job: Put a highlight on questionable behavior. No one with sincere intentions jumps corps every other day for weeks or months on end. If you change corps regularly, you have enough reasons at hand to explain the corp switches. No one is reluctant to change corps because of their corp history. Your own example of the corp hopper invalidates that claim.


This is what folks in my corp said about the replies here posted.

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The only reason why I focus on employment history is to identify corp jumpers. (Former Small Corp CEO here) Worst kind of people out there. Stay in a corp for like days or weeks then leave to another established corp.

Beyond that I don’t think most CEOs don’t focus on corp history too much. Long as you are active and actually wanting to build something up (aka a community) you will find gainful employment anywhere in New Eden.

Corp jumpers are the bane of any CEO’s recruiting adventure. You struck gold when you find someone committed to building a corp.

I been established in my HS corp. We had our fun and took the course most HS corps go through. Some people come back and see what’s going on. I know that my corporation history is fine because I litterally don’t jump corps every month or so :joy:

Can OP or someone TLDR this because right now I don’t see this as a problem. Employment history doing its intended job as designed.

Sometimes going outside the echo chamber and hearing diverse, logical, and real analysis is a great thing for personal growth. Many answers are concrete (here in EVE) when considering every aspect from CCP devs, the logic of the post, and more.


I also guarantee you/anyone here who has been denied entry into a big established corp was probably you are a corp jumper and no one wants to waste time on a person who won’t commit to the long haul.

That or you had conflicts of interest (aka employment with rivals)

OH, what we should establish here is a definition of “corp jumper” as it can vary widly. For me if you leave a corp before 30 days has elapsed, I consider you a corp jumper. That’s just my subjective definition.


New players make this mistake of jumping from one corp to another thinking they will progress faster in the game while the real issue is the understanding of the skilling system that requires time and patience. So the game should be lenient on this common error. Corp jumping should not even be a problem in the freakish complex game since the learning curve of this game is quite long.

The screenshot says a lot about Neesa Corrinne. If you are around people that use this kind of vocabulary to describe other people, I am not surprised you don’t like corps or drive away potential applicants.

Funny thing is that Neesa is in a one man corp, too. :joy: Why is Neesa not in Gnats to enrich your experience in the Gnats? :thinking:

People here are not lashing out in terror when someone proposes a change to the system. People simply refuse to rubber-stamp dumb, ill-intentioned, ill-advised, badly thought through suggestions for changes. That’s a big difference and goes against what people like Neesa or Seethyre would do.