Corporation revamp

How could someone possibly think they would progress faster in the game by switching corps? Where was this at all ever mentioned or hinted at? No one in the history of EVE ever said anywhere that changing corps would make you train/progress faster.

I want to see one example of a genuine new player that said “I switched corps x times because I thought I’d progress faster”.

Learning the game faster in the right environment could be a reason but you don’t need to hop corps for that. Well-established, big newbie friendly corps have been around for many years and are even advertised by CCP in the tutorial and new player introduction. This alien concept of corp hopping for faster progression has no bearing in reality.

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What it sounds like to me is that the OP is trying to recruit and is being shut down with the excuse that the prospective member doesn’t want to mess up their corporation history. The people in the corporation are frustrated that they can’t get members to join.

In these cases I’d assume that the excuse is a vote of no-confidence in the corporation making the solicitation. Put another way, I don’t think the potential recruits see themselves as wanting to commit, or they don’t believe the corporation will last all that long. Short enough that it will reflect badly on them by the 30 day metric Anthony suggested, one might suppose.

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If that was the case, then it would be better to explain that the corp history does not prevent the applicants from joining other corps or alliances. It would also help to explain to them that it is in their (the applicants) hands to some extent to prevent the feared corp hopping. All they need to do make the corp a success is to be active, involve themselves, interact with the corp, make it a good place by being/becoming a good player.

But if there are people like Neesa around, I could think of a myriad of reasons why people actually don’t want to join “Gnats” that have nothing to do with the corp history. :innocent:


I am only trying to establish the motive to make the nature of the suggestion more clear. If I am right, then the OP seems to want to restrict and isolate players so that their standards are low enough to join their corporation. Players being happy in their single member or NPC corps is an anathema to the success of the OP’s corporation and must be eliminated, by taking away the option for a player to be in any corporations they deem unfit. This is why the emphasis on the rise of new corporations. The OP’s corporation fits this description and they want to change the system to their benefit.


This doesn’t pass my smell test. People want to stay and make friends. They don’t make friends by joining a corp and leaving before a month. Seems a bit silly to me. What do you think a new player thinks “progress” is in this game? Certainly don’t achieve progress by just being a corp/guild/alliance hopper. (Call it what you want.)

I am still not convinced that this is some major problem plaguing EVE.

The formula for a great corp is still the same.

  • Be specific in what you do. (PVE, PVP, Manufacturing/mining) If you manufacture is there a specific sector of EVE you build for?

  • Have consistency. Be online. Be on the front lines. Run the OPs. Always be available for voice chat. Show that this can be a stable home to settle down.

  • Try to own something beyond an NPC station (subjective) If you PVP have an asthraus. If you mine/build have an anthnor/rataru. (Make sure you teach members that death in defense of these stations is ok!)

  • Have some long-term plans. Now that CCP has given us corp goals UI we can actually contribute to and see this visually reaching objectives is so much easier! I wish I had that UI ages ago!

I have done nearly all of these things and due to my occupation as an incursion runner and my young age my corp (approx 25 members who mined/built stuff) sadly disbanded (on good terms) as people moved on elsewhere. Stick to the basics before creating a problem that I feel at the moment doesn’t exist.

These are some of the really common-sense points I have learned through trial and error, probing the minds of other CEOs, seeing their reactions to protect their members, and observing high level alliance administrators coordinate hundreds of people/alts. Loved doing this so much I decided to get formal education on it and identify my future RL career that I know I will love :slight_smile:

a) through e) are just people being stupid.
f) is recruiters being stupid.
g) is you being stupid, requiring me to shove 4 alts into a corp to keep it from poofing out of existence is just anti-QoL.
h) is also silly, NPC corp is solo.

The forums are just for being contrarian especially when someone writes a post with substance. People who read it know what to do. Become contrarian! It can drive you insane.

None of yours has substance. Yours is more or less whining over small insignificant ■■■■

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You people lack vision and boldness. If CCP had any it would inject some much needed dynamism in the corp structure where corp could finally use corporate shares and put it to good use. You could instate a corporate stock exchange (In Yulai for instance) where private corp could go public and find financing by going on the market in exchange for corp shares with aim of financing and investments in return. The most dynamic corp would be incentivized while stagnant corp would be disposed by the market.

So to recap to form a corp you would need a group of players (I would even go to a minimum of 10 founders), pay the fee to create a corp. Then a charter would be issued with shares separated per players and their initial investment in the newly founded corp. A charter for the corp would be held depending on where the corp headquarters would be installed. All corps should have a headquarter somewhere in Eve universe. Than corp officers would seek out the most promising talents in the galaxy and move forward from there. Obviously a board of directors would also be in the charter of the corp etc.

You folks are not only narrow minded, simplistic and you are also very boring to read. Continue to do what stopped working a while ago and see where that goes.

It doesn’t matter. The Tranquility Gamer Guild keeps and shares records amongst all participating members. Hence why it takes awhile to be recruited into any system. Its ■■■■■■■■ and I hate it.

Corp shares are only for coups. Any good PvP corp/alliance doesn’t want some rando holding any of the keys to anything. Your roleplaying ideas are amusing but don’t need to be forced on everyone else.


The age of this game is the explanation for it’s stagnant state. People have doing the same grind for so long they can’t the horizon anymore. So the challenge of this game is to look above the horizon while new games are striving to see the horizon or “peak player” login. There is people in Eve alright. Alpha accounts are there as an incentive to purchase a paying account. It’s advertising by giving a small portion of the content. The question remains what is the content of Eve and who will reveal it? My proposition is whip this game with cut throat capitalism.


There you go again being contraraian


The age of this game is the explanation for it’s stagnant state.

This is an excuse. Incompetent management is the reason.

Its okay if you just have a bad idea every once in awhile.

And you don’t appear to know how to build a HS corp based on the time-tested business practices that we literally use in RL and can be applied here. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I know because I have done it and it was an amazing experience leading my own group/getting to know unique people in EVE.

You moved out of the echo chamber of a corp with all your yes men present your ideas here in the public square and when people actually shoot your idea down based on fair principles you say we are in the wrong.

Your words speak for themselves. Take a debate class. Please… You sorely need it.

Yup this will not help your cause. Glad my ISK is not going to your corp via taxes. I would not follow you to glory any day. I served my current corp so well we all fought, died, got some kills, had a good laugh, and learned a lot about PVP.

So many people I have observed really don’t know basic debate 101.

  • Keep creditability high.
  • Don’t insult audience.
  • Stay consistent/on topic.
  • Make sure your posts are always specifc/targeted. (We all discuss the original post. That is how forums work.) Make a new thread if you want to change the topic.
  • Engage in refuting specific points. Reply to people who disagree with you and present logic/reason.
  • Don’t make blanket statements.

Let’s all take a time to pause and reflect on wise corporation management. Great leadership as a CEO. And how to actually debate on the public square.

Running a corporation is a huge commitment just like starting a business in RL! MOST FAIL. Some succeed. Can you be the CEO who will succeed in building a strong corp to make a mark on New Eden?


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