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Not sure what to do here so thought I’d throw it out to the friendly eve forum community to get some ideas.

The corp that my main is in is closing, I have dropped roles and just need to wait the 24 hours ( I know I could drop corp to an NPC one straight away)

But what after that?

This character is CEO of a little corp that I used to use just for my other characters, I could get everyone to join that and stay solo, or I could open it up for membership and actually run my own corp. Only thing with that is looking at all the corp roles it seems to be a bit of a minefield, although I would have no offices, structures, etc so may not be a nightmare… I don’t know. Plus i dont know if i have the interest to maintain a corp where others reside, and if I cannto commit to that, I shouldnt do it. Ive posted about this on a seperate post.

I could drop them to NPC corps and do solo, they would be a mixture of NPC corps as the characters are different factions not that that makes a difference.

Or I could of course join another player owned corp, which is fine, but if you looked at the employment history of my main you would see that it is atrocious, prob about 26 separate corps (some are on the more than twice, some were moved to other corps in alliance). But the truth is that I am sick of joining another corp only to move on after 3 months.

I am not sure what causes it, but that tends to be how it runs. I put up a looking for a corp, a few people reply with their ad, some make a personal response, it all reads rather well you join and 3 months later there is something that dissatisfies me and I move on.

I am sure others have had this issue. What are your thoughts on it?

There is no reason to join a player-run corp. Then again… there is no real reason to quit them when they stop being active. You can just hang out in ghost corps.

Do you run solo yourself then?

Imagine being a grown man playing a spaceship video game.

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take that elsewhere please, dont want to read through that ■■■■ for people that may answer my question

There are many reasons to join a player-run corporation. And there are many reasons not to join one.

If you find no reasons at all, you may not be thinking hard enough.

If you move on when something dissatisfies you, you will stay on the move. Sometimes it may be worth sticking around for the fun parts, even though you’re not entirely satisfied with the entire picture.

That aside, I don’t see any value in dropping to a NPC corp if the alternative is to have your own ghost corporation.

Third, it could be fun to start your own corporation if you have such ambitions, but I think this really should be a main project that you put a lot of time in, at least for a while to set it all up, and not something you just do on the side because your old corp died. Otherwise the people joining may get dissatisfied and move on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most player led corps are very casual, barely distinguishable from the NPC corps. There are PVP corps, if you want to fleet up and destroy stuff, but in my experience, they tend to be very demanding of my time. There are also big corps that have buyback programs and are set up for trying to get space-rich.

If you don’t want to form fleets with other players and you aren’t interested in setting up an industrial empire, then . . .

I will let you fill in the blanks on this one. The name-calling is already over-the-top.

I have not considered this before and I suppose that you are right, only thing being is that player owned tend to have less tax so if you do missions etc you pay a lot of tax. Which was why i was thinking of joining them to my own corp as i control the tax rate.

I would like to be space rich, I already have a decent amount of isk and enjoy seeing that green flash when the wallet goes up, however in saying that since some of the market changes ive not enjoyed manufacturing (to sell on market) so much now.

I do like to be social on occasion and chat on comms, but I also like my own space from time to time too.

There are plenty of non-corp in-game chat channels.


I’m in a corporation where I can:

  • join a fleet if I want to, or even create one
  • fly around in (often) relatively safe null sec space with mostly allies around
  • have fun fighting in pvp when I feel like doing so
  • have people I can talk to when I feel like doing so
  • don’t join a fleet when I don’t want to
  • don’t join comms when I don’t want to listen to people talking nonsense (although this one is kinda dangerous for my own sake :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • put in exactly the amount of time I want to put in
  • sell all my stuff to buybacks when I’m too lazy to find buyers or haul to a market myself
  • have a community of like-minded people that I can talk to about the game or other things in slack and mumble

I get the feeling you have the wrong idea of player corporations: they don’t all demand your time or demand you to be social and fleet up. Maybe some of them do, but you can leave those if that’s not to your liking.

Right there is the problem.

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Indeed, i think most have a lot of those traits, but then it could be said that with spectrefleet and bombers bar you can do all of those things without being in a corp, @Xeux mentioned non corp chat channel but I have no knowledge or familiarity with those.

So then it comes down to location, Null, Low, High or WH space, Ive lived in all. each has plus and low points. personally I dont like null, either surrounded by blues, claoky camped, blobbed. That is my general expereince of it. Low was OK to be fair but not perfect, high sec has easy access to trade hubs (well did until Naijra fell lol), WH space good but always on the threat of eviciton.

So with yourself how would you define the difference that you get from a Corp as opposed to being in an NPC one (bar the fact that your in null so really need to be in a player owned corp.

Not sure how that is a problem? why would people not gravitate to like minded people.

There is no answer to your question.

Let’s just say that I have a lot of difficulty finding like minded people. I’m sure it is my own fault. I end up trying to fit in like some guy in the wrong fraternity. I hate it.

Fair enough, that’s your experience of it.


I’ve been in player run corps and in the end left all of them. Some of them I couldn’t commit to the time required. A couple had different outlooks on the game, life, whatever; in all of them I found people I liked and for the most part I still chat with those individuals.

I have a private chat room and am involved in the private chat rooms of others. Somehow with this arrangement I am more social than when I was officially in a player run corp.

Usually, two or three times a year, myself and others will organize a big “event” for lack of a better word. We’ll come up with a goal and collectively work to accomplish it, with each participant working toward that goal within their own comfort levels. What that boils down to is miner’s mine and provide materials for indy people who build items player smugglers/haulers move to staging areas for more pvp minded players to use. Some people just sit in market hubs and talk (propaganda).

It is a lot to organize; but, it is temporary, so unlike running a corporation…there is an end in sight.

We never know what’s going to happen, and so there is a “newsletter” to keep everyone who is participating up to date with progress.

It sounds complicated and I suppose the very first time it was complicated, cause we had no idea of what we were doing; but, it works for us.

But, none of this activity would have happened if we had all been involved in a traditional corp cause we’d all be doing whatever corp leadership decided on.

This arrangement leaves plenty of time for participants to play EVE their way, and yet be social and upon occasion have a collective purpose.

This is not unique to me by a long shot. Probably the best known and recent example of a collective public effort organized by a player(s) is

which was a followup to this post:

The Crime and Punishment section of the forums seems to see more of these types of public call to arms; but, it happens all over.

This another example from another forum subsection:

So, from my perspective, you don’t have to be in a player run corp to enjoy the social aspect of EVE and being part of large goals with a purpose. You just have to be social and speak up.

Just look around a little, they’re not hard to find. Some are special purpose (like overview pack distribution channels), many corps have public channels for recruiting and/or just a shared channel with non-corp friends, some are geared toward playstyles, like antigank chat channels, haulers channel for courier contracts, edencom and triglavian community channels, bringing solo back, etc.

Come to think of it, I wonder if there is an index somewhere of such public channels? That would be cool. The ingame channel finder tool falls down hard when it comes to custom channels and really the only way most players would encounter them is by word of mouth/links from other channels.

Excellent post, thanks for sharing, ill read through those links when I get some time. The bit I quoted rang home becuase i’ve noticed that I tend to sit back and not be social, not say anything on most occasions whih I guess is a reflection on my personality. Although On the times I have delved into conversations i’ve ernjoyed it.

Your event sounds good too, certainly a different take I guess on the “normal” eve.

That would be handy, in game i have to know the channel name and join it, so i need to be aware of it beforehand.