Just joined a corp with 20 members and now I found they all are the same human being


this is scary.

I want to play with 20 different people, not with a freak with no social life managing 20 toons. I feel scammed.

Another stain in my employment history. And EVE won’t let us clear it. Awesome.

I’d be more worried about your name personally… :flushed:


Seems offensive to real grannies with awesome breasts.


Pretty standard in any industrial corp… after all, the way industry is makes it a game of alts - doesn’t require much input to manage even 100 alts in industry,

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Sounds like you failed to do due diligence before joining and actually talk to the members to make sure you liked them.


I wouldn’t quite put it like nevyn, but this^^

Finding a good corp isn’t straight forward. It takes time. There are a lot of bad corps out there. So i recommend flying with them and hanging out in their public chat a bit before putting an app in. Not only because they may be a bunch of alts, but also to make sure they are a good fit for you. Timezone wise, activity wise, banter wise etc etc.


Well, I am a single man Corp with Alts and it is actually very engaging controlling a few ships at once. I Can be watching a static entrance and farming Wormhole Anoms with a higher degree of safety or, have Pvp fit ships ready to backup my main.

Might look anti social from the outside, but many of us have very busy lives and are more than socially active in real life so maybe the need to be in large online groups is not a necessity. Not everyone playes to socialise, some like building a little empire for themselves to eacape and have a bit of fun with no stress of being in mass fleets.

Maybe you should appreciate someone who obviously has the mental capacity to enjoy there own time and who is probably more versatile in many forms. And they actually invited you in to there own little world.

Just a thought.


:laughing: Eve never ceases to amaze. PM me if you guys want to form an alliance with my 1 player, 2 chars corp.


Nice name. You can join my corp.

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If they hit the clean ship button in their hanger would you play with them then?

Well, probably needed to have a bunch of alts in the Corp just to be less of a target to WarDec.

Hey, here’s an idea, you could try helping the corp grow and recruit some other players to join.

Then maybe the CEO wouldn’t need to have so many alt characters active in it.


How do you know the 20 alt CEO isn’t a talented voice actor, audio producer, and multiboxer? Some psychopaths are truly talented… :grimacing:


I am more worried that this corp let you in in the first place. Letting you join that corp sounds like a perfect receipt for annoyance and throwing monkey wrenches in the perfectly fine working works.

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It’s all well and good until one of our alts tries to replace you as the dominant personality… making you forget taking your meds, poisoning your other alt personalities against you, skimming the corporate wallet…

Next thing you know, you’re downgraded to alpha status, banished to an NPC corp.


My Alts have well and truly surpassed the point of Singularity and have left me trying to keep up with polishing ships in the Hanger…


Not to mention his obvious penchant for MILFs.

Wouldn’t that be GMILF?

100% this right here, if I could I’d give it a million likes.


I agree, the thing is that I like being in my own corps so I can setup things as I want, I have also developed a loose network of contacts with who I do stuff with.

Earlier today I was doing minor conduits with a Goon. But what I found funny was an AG contact reported this Goon as he was on the way to join me in Gank-Intel. I like these loose contacts and relationships in hisec. I do what I want and they do what they want, I also have some Chinese Alpha players who do minor conduits with me when we are on at the same time.