Resign as CEO with DUST 514


I am returning to the game after a 3 year absence. I have liquidated all of the corps assets and now wish to resign as CEO and essentially disban the corporation. I have removed all of the EVE online members from the corp. I cannot for some reason remove all of the DUST 514 members. In either case, I would just like to leave the corporation so I can rebuild a new one. But, the game is not letting me leave. It asks me to select another member with roles. The only members I have left are DUST 514 members. I try to select the one that i know has corporation skills and nothing happens. Does anyone have any directions they can provide me so I can leave this corp?

Thank you all in advance.

Get a burner alt in to take the ceo role. You only need corp level 1. Then let it stay there.

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Or you could try selling the Corp.

Someone might like the novelty of having a bunch of dust 514 players in their Corp.


I would report this as a bug. I’m pretty sure this isn’t intended behavior.

isnt it possible to just close the corp?
dont leave the corp but maybe its possible to close it


I am not sure if I can close the corp. I’d like to disban it all together so I don’t have that lingering thing. Just my OCD I guess. I’ll submit it as a support ticket and we will see what CCP says.

Thank you all for your suggestions.


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