Cannot leave Corp possible DUST issue

Old player returning after couple years.

Simple, I am in a corp with myself and a DUST 514 player from my PS3 days. I cannot resign as CEO or promote him/her to CEO and cannot find a way to leave the Corp. Cannot expel the DustBunny so I am alone to try leaving. All the Googles for leaving are 6+ years old and the advice they do give, I am sure worked back then, but not now.

Any help or insights?

Two thoughts…

  1. file a support ticket, explain and wait (patiently;)
  2. create an alpha, make them ceo.

Tells you how long I’ve been out of the loop. Made an Alpha and worked without a hitch. Seems is was a Dustbunny issue after all.

Thank you.


create alt. join it your corporation.

go to corporation / politics on your alt and vote tab. create new vote thing
lets say set new ceo XXXX where XXXX is ur alt.

vote with ceo for XXXX

wait for vote to end/expire

your ceo will disappear and be free to leave

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