How do we expel “DustCitizen”s from Corporations

Haven’t played in ages, now I have all these DustCitizens that the game won’t let me remove from my corporation, I can remove normal players easy, but not these “DustCitizen”s, how do I get rid of them?

Create a new corp, transfer everything over. Leave those Dust players in that corp, which is now a memorial corp to an awesome part of EVE Online. Respect the dead.

I’m not the only active member of my corp, and after several votes on the matter, abandoning a corporation just because the devs won’t allow the removal of ghosts, has been decided to not be an option.

if someone dies in a house you don’t board up the whole town and move yourself and your neighbors to a new town, you bury or cremate the body, clean the house, and either sell it or keep living in it, the devs are just being lazy and refusing to remove corpses left behind from their personal apocalyse.

I think the ones related to the Dust project are all gone. So not sure if they are capable of removing those links in the database without damaging stuff.

You can also just leave them in your corp. It’s not that they will decompose.

I hate to say this but I gotta agree with Aedaxus on this.

It’s a part of Eve history, be proud that your Corp once had Dust pounders as members…

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