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Dear Eve Online Community,

What should a new player do after he/she gets kicked out of a corporation? especially if the corporation is established in null sec.

looking forward to hear your opinions.

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Donwolfy Trump

Why were you kicked out? This effects what you do next.


You have a couple of options:

  • Asset Safety
  • Neutral/Blue alt access your assets.
  • Firesale your stuff locked up.
  • Pay someone in the corp (or coalition for that matter who has docking access) to move your stuff out.
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Roll a new alt then…


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If you parted on good terms, you might be able to ask for temporary docking rights to move your stuff out, or get one of the corp haulers to move it to NPC space for you.

Some corps will allow hauling corps such as black frog to dock at their stations, so that may be an option.

If your stuff is in citadels, asset safety is always an option.

If you didn’t part on good terms, you should’ve moved your stuff out before doing whatever it is you did (and we’re all curious!) In this case, if the above options won’t work, you can try to sell your assets to your former corp members (just put up a cheap public contract) or join a corp hostile to your previous corp, conquer their space and capture the station (this may take a while…)

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ive been playing eve for about a month now, still learning, mastered the basics.basically their leaders are feminist nutshells, it really bothered me they kept on pressing their agenda on the corp. i couldn’t handle it anymore dropped some ‘red pills’ if you know what i mean. totally and brutally destroyed them with facts. Their comebacks were weak, just some feminist emotional unstable rant and insults, absolutely no proof provided to back up their jibberish. Corp members were slowly realizing how retarded they were. In their last attempt, tried to shut me and blamed everything on the alt right, i responded saying the alt left do more damage than the alt right. got insta kicked from one of the comms. mediums. have to go back home and see whether I have been kicked from corp. or not. I knew this was gonna happen, thats why i created this post. anyways thanks for the replies, atleast i can plan my way ahead and be more cautious from now on.

Is this the same character you’ve joined that corp with?

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yeah, this is the same character

Wow, surprising they’ve accepted you into the corp with this name. :rofl:


that is absolutely true XD

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