Whats Next?

I just got kicked from horde about a few months ago, never fully understood why but I was willing to change, they just kicked me out of the blue. So without them it wasnt fun, so I left for a while. I want to return but I want to join a decent corp, more focussed on real life, one without inappropriate stuff, no bullying and bias and prejudice, and a better members. Tried karmafleet but they said no. They were alright till the bullying started. There are some good people there who still helped after they kicked me tho so not that bad. But its not fun without a corp.

Any other options?

Hi Vector, I’m sure such corps exist in EVE, but you’re likely to find that at least some of what you dislike is present in many of them.

Why not post your request in the ‘Recruitment’ sub-forum?

If you enjoy Nullsec life particularly, you should mention that too in your ‘advert’, or broaden it to include other areas of New Eden.

I must admit, my first reaction to your post was ‘go play a different game’. But you clearly want to stay within the EVE environment, so the best of luck to you.


null blocks sucks
don’t know what you see on them

the only thing i really liked about null was see the capitals on 1dq and log on coms at night and listen to the guys talking ■■■■ while my almost never used dread float in space

anyway good luck
you eventually will find one that you like

btw i will not criticise you but i know why they kicked you
this guys is my friend

he is not playing much anymore but he is null block material
don’t know the difference between a blaster and a autocanon but
he is fast on the f1 key
be like him and you will get in any alliance

thanks man! I didnt know you could do that! :slight_smile:

im guessing its my zkill, yea I know, im not the pvp type of guy, im more of a find the fastest way to make isk and control the markets. its a waste of time to pvp at this stage, ill pvp when im richer. I only have about 1bill

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Join a Faction Warfare group and just hang out in lowsex.

With the upcoming changes in November, there should be a good boost of activity and unfiltered, no nonsense fun.

alright thanks!

Being pvp adverse is probably why you aren’t flavour of the month with the null blocks. Being in null affords a lot of opportunities but that comes with contributing to the defence of those opportunities.

A billion is plenty to begin pvp with. Two of the most effective roles you can take up are ewar and tackle. Both of which can be done with cheap T1 frigates.

A t1 cruiser costs about 50mil on average so very cheap to buy and lose.

The entry point to pvp is actually pretty low and it’s best to learn with cheap ships you don’t mind losing. I’m terrible at pvp but I know enough to know that if you are waiting till you have enough isk to pvp… you will never feel like you have enough. Plus flying expensive does not make up for a shortfall in skill.

Uh-huh…I’m sure it was for no reason whatsoever…


Most times you get a Message as to why you were kicked, Please link it.

They said they had had enough?

Enough of what?

Asking about the same thing. I wanted to scam and I wanted to have fun

Create your own corporation. Be the boss & play by your own rules. Embrace the sandbox…

Erm most big alliances don’t want to be associated with scammers LOL

dude its easy
they protect you so you can crab
you crab so you get rich
them you can train and do fleets
they even pay for your lost ships

the brilliant idea is
if we have a bunch of players with training and money to buy/make ships our alliance is strong

sooo thats the life of null
i don’t like it but can be profitable for you

Your aspirations for having fun are sitting in a station spamming copy pastes?

Well I can tell you that you aren’t going to fit in with any alliance that likes to undock…

They told me to pass on this message

"Sorry, we are full up. Someone had to go and we just formed the “No Vectors” club. Nothing personal. Hope you find a new life in Christ,


Edit: why do people flag my posts when I mention Jesus?

You know, I’m pretty sure you’re a horde alt. The hatred was from the first day. I didn’t do anything wrong. You cut handle a teen in your corp man, that’s a real bummer. I had good friends there, then goblins kicked me. You never even gave me a reason, PH made eve fun.

But guess what, I’m reporting you cause all you guys do is harass me. not you, its not your fault you’ve been brainwashed by them. Ive taken photos of everything you idiots have said to me. I hope you guys get dis-banded.

Especially the language that they used you know, I was constantly abused there. Better now.

CCP should be contacting you(the corp not you) soon

She isn’t actually.

But uh, based on your behavior here, I’d def not let you into any corp ROFL.