Why so many tiny corporations?

Everywhere I go, I see advertisements for corporations. “Join our corp! We offer comprehensive blah blah blah.” And I always check out the profile of other pilots in local. So many of those profiles show that the person’s corp has 2 or 4 or 5 members. Rarely do I see corporations with more than 10 members.

Why is that? Is it that Eve players have trouble getting along with others? In the past I made inquiries at different corps, but the list of requirements is so long–gotta have Discord, gotta have a certain number of skill points, gotta move to null, gotta be logged on between 6 pm and midnight US EST. Etc etc etc.

I was in the public chat of one company, trying to see if I should join them, when the CEO or whatever suddenly booted me just because I told him I was not willing to use Discord or any other program that requires speech, because I stutter.

I was in the public chat of another corp, and it seemed like the members were so busy cracking borderline obscene jokes that they were not interested in playing the game.

Maybe people would have more success getting members if they would chill out and realize that this is only a game. Become friends with someone before hitting them with a blizzard of demands.

I recently reactivated my old, old paid account. I had created a 1-person corp on that account, and as I remembered those old days I remembered why: too many jerks in NPC corps, too many immature people in player-created corps.


some very small 3-4 man corps could be RL friends just avoiding NPC taxes if their corp has 0 taxes… some people just sign on just to be social to others and may just be doing PI or whatever, or maybe waiting for the right person to make em play.

Why not?

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Look at the alliance not the corp.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to speak on comms, you just have to be able to listen. And if you don’t want to speak on comms because of your stutter, be clear about it upfront. Most corps won’t care, and if they do, you can just move on to the next one.

Some corps have more strict requirements, some don’t. Some are more mature and or laid back, some are more rowdy.

I’ve never seen a corp say you have to move anywhere or fly at certain times. Are you sure they weren’t just providing information about when and where they play?

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As a small Corp trying to recruit players I honestly don’t see why they would impose so many restrictions.

It’s not like you have a bunch of Corp assets to protect or even intel you need to secure. It hard enough getting pilots to join up.

Even with no sp requirements, it’s hard to get someone interested. I think most corps form when a group decides to leave a bigger or dying entity. Starting with no pilots at all and just deciding you want go your own way is tough.

Anyways, I wish you luck on your Corp search. I’m sure some group would welcome you with open arms.

All members could be alt characters managed by single human. Probably quite a lot of small corps are implementation of this setup.

In nullsec it’s pretty normal. Some of the bigger entities (Brave, Test) do not have mandatory PVP activities but a lot certainly do. They work with participation levels and thresholds. Here’s a nice article about that stuff: https://tagn.wordpress.com/2019/01/18/pap-link-economy/

I’m not part of one of those groups but we also constantly have to deal with “you can mine this moon but not that one” politics. Many people play video games to GET AWAY from taxes and petty office politics, start their own non-deccable tax haven and call it a day.

NPC corps are useless and it’s cheap to start a corp of your own.

No, I meant fly at certain times of day (as that what OP was talking about). I’m aware that some groups have participation requirements.

Some do pick certain times

Ah, I misunderstood, sorry!

Timezones are indeed varied, some corps / alliances mix it up and others are very focused into one timezone depending on their members. I can imagine a scenario in which you join a group that has requirements for fleet PVP that you’ll be unable to meet simply because nobody else is online in your TZ.

I understand that a corp may want to engage in certain activities at certain times. And they might prefer to have a lot of members available at those times. But fewer upfront requirements, I think, would make more people want to join. Many, if not most people, play online games for fun, to get away from the pressures of real life for a little while. An online association such as a corp is something you choose to do in your spare time.

I think a lot of people want to join an Eve corp because they want to talk about the game with like-minded people. And they want to be able to contribute something to an organization that values that contribution. They want to be a part of something fun.

I have a boss who requires me to work at certain hours, for a certain number of hours, for 5 days [or more] each week. I won’t accept some stranger on the internet telling me what hours I have to be available and what corp events are required, what add-ons I have to use [Discord, etc]. I don’t need a a “boss” in an online game telling me what I have to do. And I have a wonderful, amazing wife who can make claims upon my time because she is my beloved lifetime partner.

A corp, or guild, or whatever you want to call it, should be something you involve yourself in because it’s fun. Because you want to be involved. The idiot who suddenly booted me out of chat just because I said I would not use Discord was just that: an idiot. When I sent him an eve mail complaining about his rudeness he wrote back, telling me that I’m “probably a nice dude,” but that he needs people who are reliable in combat, and Discord is a vital tool in combat. Apparently this idiot does not realize that this is just a game. The “combat” is only virtual, and there are no real-life consequences.

It never crossed his mind that maybe I could have contributed something else to his corp that is “vital” in combat, like free ships, free components and free ammo.

I’m sorry for being a bit rude but where PVP oriented corps are concerned - those are jobs for an alt. The guys was probably looking to fill a fleet, which is tougher then filling a few material needs here and there. Since a large part of the PVP gameplay revolves around timers the guy was probably looking for people that are willing to take those into account.

The “I don’t like doing what I am told” mentality is a valid one, but not that useful for a group that has Sov to defend or holes to roll. Indeed… it is just a game… and they figured they’d rather play with someone else.

Do they not have the same freedoms as you? To chose whom to allow into their group? You might think of each other as idiots, all I see is different metrics of success.


There is a way to say “no thanks” to someone without suddenly booting them from chat with no explanation. I got an explanation later, because I sent the idiot an Eve mail. Rudeness is NOT necessary! It’s that simple. Courtesy does not cost anything! But this is the internet, and one thing the internet has done is utterly and totally removed any thin covering of civilized behavior human beings once pretended to have. People speak to strangers on the net in a way they would NEVER speak to a stranger sitting next to them on the bus, or in a bar.

Courtesy does not cost anything, and it does not take any extra time to be polite to someone.


I made my own corp because I hate corporations, I have no use for them and don’t want to be in one at all.
The problem is that CCP insists that everyone be in one which in my opinion is a very silly thing to insist on. I do not recruit, I don’t operate it like a corporation in any way, I just use it to keep the crap (spam and so on) inflicted on the people stuck in NPC corps out of my face.
To me this is a useless game mechanic that I have no need for, if people want it fine, that’s their prerogative, I do not, all it is to me is extra chat windows to close, mail boxes I don’t want need or use and computational overhead I didn’t ask for.
Again, I’m glad this stuff is there for those who want it, but its not my thing, so I have a tiny corp, not because I want it to be tiny, but because I don’t want to be in one in the first place.


https://i-fed.co.uk/ <—- come join us :slight_smile:

I hear you. One thing I would say is that corporations can often be treated more like squads or common interest groups. Those corporations then join alliances for larger content.

This is basically what our corp is. We play many games together. We’ve been hanging in guilds together for years. And we’re all adults, most with kids, real life balance, etc. While we’re always open to new people and we do actively recruit, it’s definitely not for everyone.

That’s ok though.

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The sad part of the rudeness, it is killing gaming. I have watched several games begin to crumble because of 10% of the community is rude and disrespectful. I know for me, I am tired of the rude egos running throughout the gaming community. I have experienced the rude player kill guilds, clans, corporations etc etc. I can go on and turn this post into a book about rude players and the damage it does to the game and the community playing that game. It’s sad to see what used to be a great place to hang out to relax and get away from real life to this putrid cesspool. I keep gaming hoping this game will be better with a better community of players.

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Agree. Our corp has one rule: Be excellent to each other. :wink:

Small to medium sized corps are usualy more tight knit and focus more on how you as a person fit in, where as larger ones see you more as an asset i.e. a number. Both have their up and downsides. I have experienced both.

There are many small medium corps that are very laid back and are fine with people not liking to talk on comms for personal reasons. For example for many years we have flown with a fella with a similar issue to yours until he sadly passed. Aslong as he was on comms like teamspeak or discord to just LISTEN to fleet commands it worked out just fine.

I know we wouldnt have an issue with somebody not liking to talk due to personal reasons and I am certain there are many others out there. Keep on looking or make a post in the recruitment section of this forum