A Beginner who just don't understand where to join a active corp

Hi, so I have been starting to play the game for like one week and I love it and paid the first month Omega. However, when I was trying to find a corp in the game from the recruitment page in the game, I joined like 4 different corp and most of them said they have more than 200+ members in the corp page but I only see like 5 ppl player online when I joined and most of them haven’t login for more than one month. Is it like a catfish thing? I am just so confused??? Anyone know where can I actually find a a active corp?( like more than 10 players playing when you have more than 100 members). Thanks!

If you want to join a Corp with lots of members, look at this page showing largest and growing Corps. https://evewho.com/corp/
Be clear about your needs to the recruiter before joining and don’t get a reputation as a Corp hopper so soon.

Also, 100 -200 members aren’t much if you consider there may be lots of Alts in Corp.

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What Kigori just said.

Here are some recommended corporations to join if you haven’t looked at them already. These are the newbie corporations that can help get you use to life in New Eden.

Pandemic Horde
Brave Newbies

As Kigori mentioned, go to the link he provided. In fact, save that link since that also gives you so much information on everyone and everything at a glance without having to log into Eve Online.

If you look at the link you can also see a section showing which corporations are the most active if that’s what your looking for.

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