Standing Out in the Crowd

Is it enough to niche down or stand out in the crowd? With everyone creating a corporation in all different areas of EVE today, how can small corps stand out and make their mark to find new corp mates?

I’d love to hear what you all think. I’m looking at running a small 10 to 20 person amarr mil corp, but how do you find people when there are 100 other corps doing the same thing?

Just musings of a mad man here, love to hear what you think.

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When a corporate member donates evermarks, why doesn’t the ceo receive a notice at the bottom right corner?

/reason for asking such is because it is not about the Corporation standing out though it’s members within the Corporation to stand out from other members.

Yeah I think it’s about the members, though in reality most corporations do not last that long. I looked up some corps from about 3-4 years ago when I was last looking for a corp and 90% of those recruiting corps are completely inactive now.

i dont realy argee i have been running my corp sins 2019 and we are still groing

Is it about the memebers 100% YES

but whitout a story to tell the corp and evry awesome member
is nowhere

So all whit all its the corp that works togather as a team and can tell a story that is makes that corp Awesome

So to ancer @Yesh_Khema niche down where the corp is good add and stand out in the area you need to grow

I’ve been a CEO 3 times and wouldn’t do it again for any amount of imaginary space money.

First you have to ask yourself why you want to run a corporation instead of just joining one. It’s a big commitment of actual work for no actual benefit other than maybe bragging rights that only nerds would care about.

But if you are determined to make a go of it, the key to attracting members is to:

  1. Do awesome things. Undock and create the kind of content that the kind of people who you want in your corporation would want to be involved in.

  2. Promote yourself doing those awesome things. Make YouTube videos. Become a streamer. I had a blog back when blogs were popular, but that probably wouldn’t be enough nowadays.

  3. Engage your new players when they join. Talk to them individually. Pull them into the awesome content you are creating.

  4. Delegate delegate delegate. As soon as you get some members engaged, give them jobs. Reduce the workload on yourself as quickly as possible or you will burn out.