Are “hang-out corporations” a thing?

I’m not one for taking orders, so I dislike hierarchical corporations and fleet operations. I can’t think of a more boring pursuit than logging onto discord and waiting for some nerd to tell me exactly what to do in a ship he told me to bring. I understand that’s crucial to the game but not my game.

I used to run a successful drug corporation. Then they legalized drugs and it’s neither fun nor profitable anymore. Nice move, CSM!

So now I successfully traffic slaves, and I can do this totally alone; in fact, it’s easier this than delegating or managing wallets others use on my behalf.

Unfortunately this has created a lonesome Eve experience. I’ve been in other corporations and had no use for them since all my profits came from exploration and all my losses came through them telling me when and where to fight. So I don’t need that and I don’t think I’m alone in my play style, either.

My question is, there must be others like me, who aren’t interested in taking orders but still enjoy the social aspect of corporate life - so how do I attract those players to my slave trade corporation? Eve Scout is one example of a great hangout corp but is held back by a restrictive creedo mandating pacifism. I get it. I agree with it, but that’s no fun.

Any of you guys feel the way I do? Anyone here ever join a corporation you didn’t need that didn’t you, but you liked chillin there anyway? I’m prepared for your stupid remarks, so make them anyway. But I’m also looking for real answers. You guys are out there, right?

Surely I’m in the minority, but I know I’m not alone. Peace, and be well.


I’m in a corporation with just my alts. Corp chat gets very busy at times when we have “things” to discuss. Everyone is always online at the same time and in the same mood. We get along so nicely. Most of the time, at least. It’s great.

I’m almost certain there is a plethora of social corps out there, however they’ll be (almost) exclusively all hang out in highsec and won’t ever leave it. You can probably attract them with the typical lone carebear peaks. But are these people worth talking to? I doubt it.

If what you’re after is purely the social aspect, then I’d recommend you just hang out in various in-game channels. It’s what I do (when I’m not talking with my alts). I have a few channels where I regularly chat with people I’ve known for years that I’ve met in various journeys. They go on with their business, I with mine, and every now and then we go pewpew together (either in EVE, or other games). No mandatory anything, no giving or taking orders (we’re all competent pilots and FCs ourselves). It’s about talking and having fun together.


Why not one of the larger nul groups like brave or pandemic horde? They tend to be fairly lax on required action anf should have social aspects.

Or some NPC corp chats may fit your need.

Heck some of the public roams have chat channels that may suit your needs too.

No, you’re not the only one. Much like you, I find that gains and losses are much more manageable when doing things one’s own way. Much as Linus, I also have my own “corp” (mainly for the convenience of centrally accessible storage space, as well as tax evasion), though I do also have a single IRL friend in it who plays “sporadically” at best (if any other IRL friends decide to play EVE, ie. succumb to my encouragement, heheh, they will also be invited, but it’s that exclusive.)

However, there is an alternative way to keep yourself company - find a channel with like-minded players that you can chat with. This transcends location borders (or it can - I guess some channels may well have restrictions in this regard), and you may find yourself with fun activities to join in on, without that constrictive sense of commitment of belonging to a players-run organisation.

ROFL! My own alts-only (well, almost) corp is a lot less harmonious - we are never on at the same time (we have phone booths handily installed in corp hangars for quick costume changes), and can seldom agree on anything. It’s all in good-natured manner, though, there’s no actual animosity… Usually…

EDIT: Oops, I see @Lady_Ayeipsia already said all of what I had to say - perhaps I should read other replies before posting… :smiley:

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My situation is i’ve always been in my own personal corp, and it’s name is amazing and i don’t want to give that up. I used to have a fairly large social circle in Eve that i could do stuff on a whim with because they were all in-game-local. If i found some shooty i could scream “hey theres some shooty over here” and within minutes they were there…or vice versa. We each trusted each other with enormous amounts of each others wealth because we had developed that kind of report. We also knew the extent in which we’d be screwed if we pissed the other off. But alas, they have all stopped playing and i’m left all alone.

Nobody seems to want to make new friends anymore. I’ve tried using some of the events lately to attempt to start conversations with people who are interested in similar ingame stuffs…but nobody wants to bother with it anymore. Other than going into corp ‘recruit’ channels, of which i don’t want to join someone elses corp…i’m also looking for options…

How exactly is this done? Last i looked there wasn’t a ‘browse’ feature to find non-public channels…and all the public ones just have trolls that see someone being genuine so they hand out bounties and HS trade lane dec’s. I’ve even stopped answering questions in the HELP CHANNEL because of the griefer trolls that punish those trying to help.

You can create your own channel and invite people to as you see fit.

For a game that is supposed to be so good on community etc when your out in space it is mainly the opposite, for example in local just type 0/ hi local and see how many responses you (dont) get.

Bur yeah, maybe create your own channel and invite whom you want to it. I think you can even p/w protect it

One place to start is right here: on the forum. Look around the other categories (including perhaps Out of Pod Experience, where the role-playing takes place), for other people looking for the more social aspect. Start a thread somewhere, if necessary.

yes, try joining a group like Pandemic Horde…horde members basically do what they want. from my understanding of the group, nothing is mandatory. ofc you will have to deal with there high sex war decs. other then a group like them, your best bet is to find a chat room to hang out in.

In my Corp, we do what the hell we want…

It’s a small Corp that dose mining and manufacturing. The head of the Corp offers mining boost and puts fleet ops on the calendar, but NO ONE is required to show.

I just do my thing, run sites and missions, scanning sites, mining, run to the local hub, and what I feel like at the moment, and just chatting on the Corp channel the whole time with whoever is on.

I wouldn’t bother hanging out if I was forced to do stuff on their clock. I would love to go a gang roam, but I’m not going to be forced or kicked out of the Corp.

I talk on local if I see someone on local I see in space often or someone doing something interesting. I chatted with the a war target that caught me 3 times in a few days, stayed talking for a couple hours.


Yeah a few people talk, i am not saying it never happens Ive spoken with people before too, but you will also get a lot that say nothing/dont reply

True, I mostly watch local for known gankers and war targets.

But some days I login and say “Morning SPaaceAaceace…” or “How’s the space today? Spacous!?!” to see who’s sitting on local and chatty.

Someone messaged me in-game (I don’t know who that is, since our forum names no longer have anything to do with our in-game personas) asking me to create a public hangout channel.

So, here it is!

Join EVE Harbor if you’re a sole CEO with an empty corp channel, or you just want another place to hang out and share ideas in addition to wherever you normally chill. Don’t worry about what you say here, people. I run the thing, and I am NOT easily offended.

Um… O.o I really need to get war decced more often!

Read it as “hook-up corporations”


I’m sure we got a place for you. Hit up our Corp in-game.

I don’t know what corporation that is

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