A type of corporations that's not bein' protected by big brother CONCORD

Me again. Unrelated to the last one.

I want a type of corporation that can opt out of bein’ protected by CONCORD. I’m damn sure I ain’t the only one, but I admit we’re far and between and most of ya will just not see the point.

This is for all of those who want to play in highsec, hate the current war dec mechanics and just wanna fight in an environment with TONS of neutrals (thus potential hostiles) around without bein’ bothered by protections and whatnots that just make both their and my game boring.

The benefits:

  • It gives people the option to skip around the nonsense of wardecs and instead let’s them duke it out as they see fit.
  • Gives people who’d like to play more dangerously more of a thrill. No, ya can’t have that in lowsec or nullsec, 'cause most of lowsec is barren wasteland and nullsec is empty outside of places where everyone’s (within regional limits of course) a ■■■■■■■ friend with each other, including his neighbors. The only place where there’s tons of neutrals/potential hostiles around to see is highsec!
  • People who dare finally got a playground.
  • Random surprise fights, which’s good for the economy.
  • More action in highsec observable by others, which’s good for literally everyone.

The cons:

  • None, 'cause no one else needs to care.


On a side note: It is not allowed to re-create a closed thread. Are you givin’ me permission to re-create the thread so I can rephrase my request into a feature for everyone who’d like to care? Ya didn’t even give me a chance to change the last one!

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You’re free to edit your previous thread to a proper suggestion and then request it reopened, however hard I may have to believe that you can do that without it being a completely new idea, go ahead :slight_smile:

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Request it how? A ticket? Would be more sensible to just create a new one with the idea changed so it allows for everyone to opt-in to such a feature. Is that against the rules? Sorry for off-topicin’ my own thread here and happy cake day, mate!

edit: mind blown! i can edit my post over there! didn’t know!

A ticket would be the formal way of doing it. If the idea becomes radically different than what you posted, I would think it’s fine making a new thread.

and thanks, my first anniversary of joining the ISD team :smile:

That means the idea’s banned from the board. Is that correct? I am not allowed to rephrase my idea, and it will only get locked if it is not radically different, which would be making it a totally different idea in the first place. Despite my idea not being for my “personal amusement” but instead bein’ for literally everyone to enjoy.

How ‘bout I rewrite it, ping you, you give it a read and we’ll just work it out from there? Otherwise you’ve basically banned the idea from the board, as no one could post it again without triggerin’ the “re-opening of a closed thread” rule.

Do i need to ticket this sort of stuff? Could ya just delete our posts, pretty please? I’ll stop talkin’ ‘bout this now, maybe ya can send me a PM to answer my questions? It’s confusin’ me. Thanks a ton, mate!

It’s not a bad idea.

You can of course run around as -10s or in a mutual war with another group, but some system, perhaps with some benefit (although I don’t know what that would be) to encourage them to opt-in to a highsec permawar might be a good idea if wars/corps are ever revisited. Allowing groups to participate in a giant free-for-all in highsec but under the highsec ruleset seems like it might bridge some gap for upcoming corps who lack or don’t want to use the capital ships that are the primary source of power outside highsec.

It might not get used much, but if CCP is going to remake corps anyway and give player groups the ability to select the risk profile they want, why not a perma-flashy level of corp as a counter-balance to a social corp?



ok … let me get that right … you would be in a corp not protected by concord … and all the other or most of the others re normal corps in HS protected by concord … so what you get from that? you wouod need to search for the other guys and if you attack a normal corp you get killed by concord … normal mechanic … nothing new and no benefit for anyone

if you want wars without wardecs … moce to a bigger low sec area or null sec … there you ge it … if you want wars in high sec … wardec like everyone else

sorry but this sounds like the sme kind of joke like your other thread … you remember the one closed by @ISD_Sakimura

sorry … i cant see any good reason for this kind of corp because null sec gives you that but for some reason you dont like null sec …

i dont know … you are in the wrong area … move to an area where it is different and there is this kind of area …

again question: are you trolling or just joking?


-1 There are plenty of ways to get that kind of PvP, join Militia, and hang out in the donut.

Am i write in thinking that the only other targets you can shoot first will be other people under the same type of corp or shoot you first? Cause i think that’s going to be as rare as finding a fight in low sec.

I believe this statement to be just about accurate and while i dont support your idea i dont care either and so if you get it congratulations!

Modification of wardecs in general would ideally provide what you’re asking for in the first place.

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My intention ain’t to fix wars, ‘cause that ain’t doable. Haven’t seen a single idea that ain’t just tryin’ to hide that it’s broken, or built upon the delusional idea that bears are gonna magically decide to fight a structure.

That’s right, though i doubt it’s gonna be hard findin’ targets, ‘cause everyone can shoot ya first anyway. It adds a layer of challenge ya ain’t gettin’ from any other space, 'cause there’s no space so widely populated as highsec.

Ya’rr right. I ain’t tryin’ to weasel this into “bein’ able to shoot everyone”. All i want is for everyone to havin’ the possibility of optin’ out of CONCORD protection. Option. It ain’t affectin’ anyone else negatively and provides more ways of playin’ dangerously. It even fits the abandoned lore part regardin’ capsuleers, CONCORD and ‘em havin’ a pissin’ contest.

It ain’t about what i’d be gettin’. I shoot people regardless. It ain’t a feature for the masses, but it’s a feature for the darin’. That’s somethin’ most people simply won’t “get”, though that’s not a reason for not havin’ it.



i think it doesnt bring any plus to the game … sorry …

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That is acceptable.

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Simply a check box when creating a Corp, opt out of Concord Protection?
Sounds good.

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… but it doesn’t do anything useful.

Useful is subjective based on the person using it.

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It lets people who want to have risk of being shot at in high sec accept the risk of being shot at in high sec without concord having the kill mail. Some people WANT to have that. That should be their prerogative.

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Anyone who REALLY wants to be shot at leaves high sec, any of the 3 other areas are way better. Anyone who really wants to be shot at knows this.

You know what this ends up being? A way to trick new players into attacking what they think is one ship and getting ganked.

It is not just useless, it is a bad idea.

bad bad bad

That is subjective. I don’t remember the last time null space had an invasion. I don’t remember the last time a wormhole had local pop up everybody in the system in local chat. I don’t remember the last time low sec had concord respond.

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