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The issue of highsec wardecs affecting some of the player population there seems to spring up all the more often and usually the reasoning for those who advocate against wardecs is-“please think of the newbies and how they can’t learn the game”.

I am neither against highsec wardecs nor am I a supporter of the HTFU thrown at potential future players who haven’t managed to grasp essentials of the game mechanics yet.

Now the idea of social corps isn’t new and it is very much frowned upon because it would offer risk adverse players immunity to wardecs.Below I’m going to add some of my ideas on how social corps could function and hopefully we can brainstorm a potentially good design for them.

1.Outside entities(alliances or corps) cannot declare war against a social corp.

2.A social corp can have an HQ and offices however cannot have corporate hangars,cannot own upwell structures or sov structures.

3.Social corps would have a fixed 10 or 15%(debatable here) fixed tax rate that goes straight to Concord,additional tax rate can be set up to be collected in corp wallet but it’ll be additive to the fixed Concord rate(say Concord takes 10% corps own tax is 10% too each player loses 20% of his bounty payouts)

4.Social corps cannot join FW.

Feel free to add input on what other features could be added.

Google is your friend. This has been discussed before a number of times, including on these forums in the last monthish.

While I’m onboard with this, it can sort of be done by a chat channel and NPC corp membership. Just use the chat channel to co-ordinate and other than corp tickers you get most of what you want.
It’s not the same I agree, but it can be made to work.

Hi. I run one

You’re basically describing the NPC corporations and some players spend their entire Eve careers in one of these using private chat channels to participate in different communities of interest.

The problem of wardecs as a tool for griefing new players was discussed at the recent CSM summit and an option mentioned that I particularly like is requiring both parties to own an Upwell structure before war can be declared. This doesn’t require a new type of corporation - it simply requires you to have destructible assets in space.

In a game like Eve, these assets should always be at risk and attackers should also be required to have some skin in the game - something at risk if their intended victim turns out to have some teeth (or friends with teeth)!


chat chs and npc corps do this and require no dev time

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I think that would be awesome because of small Corporation isn’t going to have a engineering structure or anything like that if they’re smart they would have to be at least 10 man or more before they would consider buying one

i really like this but at the same time it doesn’t seem like the aggressor is risking anything :confused: i can just put up my structure in the ass end of LS or NS even if it has to be in HS it would take well over a week for even the most dedicated corp to find it

I believe it is wrong to have a discussion based on an idea that is wrong. “Think of the children”, at least in our context, is not an argument for anything. It is nothing but an excuse to get what they want. Over the last one and a half decades, hundreds of thousands of “children” have managed just fine. There were even times when war declarations were so cheap, even new players did them … and did it kill the game? No.

We should not have a conversation that is based on a lie. The lie being that those who yell “think of the children” do not actually care about the children. They do not, in any way or form, care about anyone but themselves. History proves that there is no need to “think of the children” and that the only reason why they claim that children need protection, is because they themselves have been overly protected throughout their lives and they themselves still need the protection!

Furthermore is it only a tiny, tiny minority of people who believe that there is something so wrong that it drives away new players. Of course, war declarations are happening and there is no denying that there are lots of it. Fact is, though, that if they were an actual problem, we would see actual evidence of it being a problem both on reddit and on the forums. No, these few threads by a few people are not, in any way or form, an indication of a serious problem.

War declarations are a mess, but they do no real harm. The harm comes from the people who complain about them. Just like bumping and afk cloaking, it is a tiny minority creating the perception of a problem that affects them … and them only.

Perhaps. The victim really doesn’t need to know where the structure is, they just need to ally with someone who does. May be low probability but it adds a bit of risk.

I’d also like to see an option to make all low power structures visible in the structure browser. Don’t want them in the overview - already too much clutter there.

3-11% tax. Not sure the corp should have a wallet though.

Social corps would be better than a chat channel. Corps have other functions like killboards, bullet-in boards, shared fits, shared book marks, a name for themselves, shared standings and quite a lot more.

Personally i think they are worth more than the dev time. This really needs to happen.

Wardecs shouldn’t be dependent on both sides having structures. I should not get free reign in hisec with all the perks of a corp whilst i go round using other peoples structures. I’d like to see what might happen if the attacker requires a structure or if observatory arrays become almost essential for hunting in hisec.

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Then only corps that the giant alliances allow get to declare war. Anyone else has to just wait and be a target. Look at how super production is denied to people for an example of how it happens in EVE and as evidence that EVE players are like that.

not enough to warrant the change. Be better off just waiting till something better came up

I listened to @Ashterothi podcast after that post. an interesting discussion on wardecs (and other topics). Recommended.

Glad you liked it!

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